Dragon Con is this Weekend

This weekend is, by all manners of measure, one of the biggest weekends in geekdom, with DragonCon taking place in Atlanta, GA. Geeks, nerds, dweebs and dorks from all walks of life are sure to find like minded and lifestyled people that share their particular brand of passionate and devoted fandom.

Steampunk has not been left out of the mix this upcoming weekend, and it’s sure to be an event-filled sensory overload of fancy fashion and brass crafted contraptions and the neat people who bear them. Expect a weekend of panels, workshops and concerts with some of your favorite aspects and people within the community. A quick search for ‘Steampunk’ brings up all kinds of awesome goodness you know you don’t want to miss.

Unfortunately, upon the writing of this post, the schedule grids for the convention have not yet become available, but when they do, you can find them here, where they’ll be in PDF and Excel formats on GoogleDocs for your viewing and planning pleasure. To all those attending, have an awesome and safe time at the con!

Cooking with Abney Park

Many members of the HMS Ophelia’s crew are self-proclaimed foodies. With the recent addition of Joshy Goering to the ranks, the ratio of gustatory connoisseurs to non has been definitively swung in favor of the gastronomes. Fortunately, Captain Robert is also one of the band’s epicures, because every time the band gets together for a rehearsal, he cooks dinner for the crew.

In a recent stretch of boredom before the evening’s rehearsal, the Captain decided to film the creation of one of his signature dishes, Pulled Pork sandwiches, and has posted it online for your culinary delight. Watch it below:

Busy people will particularly appreciate the small amount of prep work involved in the creation of this recipe. Remember people, crockpots are your friend.

And if you’re looking for the perfect sauce to go with your tasty dish, feel free to take another page from the Captain’s cookbook and brew up some of your own Infamous Pyrate’s Blood sauce.

Heritage Days and the Steam Ball

Attention all Steampunks in the Greater Northwest! Tomorrow, Abney Park will be performing at Steam Ball in Port Angeles as part of their Heritage Days event. This looks to be a rather unique event celebrating the history of the town on its own, and with the addition of an Abney Park concert, it’s going to be an awesome weekend.

Tickets can purchased from the NW Performing Arts website for 22$ each and will be held at will call if purchased online. This show has the expanded line up some of you were able to experience at the Seattle show Abney Park played last month, with an extra guitar player and a brass section to flesh out Abney Park’s already amazing sound. It’s something you definitely need to experience if you haven’t heard it for yourself yet.

And, if your heading out to the show, do consider making a weekend out of the Heritage Weekend events over the weekend which includes tea with Teddy Roosevelt, Harbor tours, and plethora of  other events to entertain and delight before your favorite airship pirates take the stage.

I’ll be there for the weekend (in fact, I’m there now!) and I hope to see you out here as well! Hooray for a weekend of fun!

An Abney Park Show in Seattle and AP Swimsuits

Tickets went on sale today for Abney Park’s latest show in Seattle, the Seattle Steampunk Soiree taking place on July 9th at Studio Seven. This is an all ages show, and tickets for those 20 years and younger are able to purchase tickets for just a dollar! 21 and over is $15, which is still a great price!

Make sure to pick up your tickets soon, as tickets to Abney Park shows in Seattle sell quickly and you don’t want to miss out!

And, just in time for swimsuit season, Abney Park is teaming up with  The Gentlemen’s Emporium to bring you Victorian bathing suits featuring the band’s Jolly Rodger across the front. Observe!

There’s an interesting story behind the creation of these swimsuits. Here it is, according to Captain Robert:

The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
This steampunk event is being held in a hotel with a water parkJake Von Slatt wrote to me with the idea of making Abney Park Jolly Rodger Victorian Swimsuits for fans to wear to the water park. So, to pull this off I partnered with The Gentlemen’s Emporium, who are having these manufactured specifically for us.

These swimsuits are on sale for only two short weeks starting today, and will never be available again after the pre-ordering period is done, so if you want one, you need to get order soon! And for those of you wanting to wear your suits at the The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, never fear… the Captain assures you the suits will arrive in time for the Exhibition.

Updates from Abney Park

It’s been a while since I let you, my dear readers, know what Abney Park has been up to as of late, though it’s certainly not for lack of activity! Everyone’s favorite airship pirates have been hard at work creating a new album and preparing for a number of awesome shows that are just on the horizon.

The band has been hard at work in the studio to produce yet another album for your auditory delight. Here’s a small glimpse into the sound for their newest project with the song, Bad Things Coming.

Of course, that’s not all they’ve been up to as of late. There’s a number of shows that the band is gearing up for, including one tomorrow in Oakland at the Oakland Metro Opera House.

Organized by Swing Goth, Blackbeard’s Ball will begin at 8 PM and will feature two sets of Abney Park awesomeness, aerialists, acrobats, and belly dancers in a full-on show of epic proportions. Pick up your tickets here before they sell out.

And if you find yourself outside of the greater Bay Area, fear not! There will be many an opportunity to see them live. Visit their website often for an ever-developing list of upcoming shows. Next up after Oakland:  the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan.

To get these and many more awesome updates from the band, be sure to sign up for Abney Park’s mailing list to stay up to date on all the latest from them.

Steampunk in Seattle: Abney Park in Spokane

This weekend, Abney Park is playing a show at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA and for all my readers in the Seattle area considering attending, you’ve been invited to caravan out to the show with the band!

Two caravans are departing tomorrow at 10 AM to make the trek out to Spokane, and you’re welcome to join in the adventure. Please let Robert (for Gig Harbor) or Nathan (for Seattle) know if you are planning to travel with them.

This promises to be a fantastic show, as Abney Park is wont to do. According to Captain Robert, “This is going to be a full-on bad-ass show, with dancers, and everything, and its going to be in one big-ass, bad ass space.” Add to the mix my dear friend DJ Panix the dancing talent of Koreshakti, and you are undoubtedly in for a treat tomorrow.

The Knitting Factory doors open at 7 PM with the show beginning at 8. You can order tickets in advance from the Knitting Factory. This is an all ages show, so be sure to bring everyone along for the fun! I hope to see you there!

Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

One of the many things I love about Abney Park’s music is the escape from modern times and histories. The alternate universe that inspires their music is one of adventure, and you can’t help but get the sense that whatever you are doing is entirely more badass if Abney Park is playing in the background.

And perhaps you’re at a point where you need more adventure and badassery in your life. Lets say too that you love tabletop RPGs. Perhaps you even recently procured some Steampunk dice and are looking for the perfect event in which to start using them.

That event is coming in August of 2011.

Airship Pirates is an RPG based off the music of Abney Park by Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton. Check out the RPG’s description below:

Someone screwed the timeline up
It’s 2150. The Earth’s recovering from the Great Apocalypse of 1906.

From the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga come the airship pirates.You hoist the Jolly Roger, spin your propellers and take to the skies. Yours is a life of adventure, plunder and infamy.

The American wilderness lies below. Beast-haunted wastelands are criss-crossed by the tracks of the freedom-loving Neobedouins. Armoured railroads connect the Emperor’s widely scattered domains.

In the walled, fog-shrouded cities, people huddle in forced Victorian squalor, lorded over by the upper classes. The Emperor’s clockwork policemen patrol the streets and the ultimate threat of the Change Cage hangs over those who would rebel. Rising from the dockyards, the frigates of the Imperial Air Navy patrol the clouds, hunting pirates and threatening the sky-cities.

You’ve got an airship. You’ve got a crew. You’ve got one of Doctor Calgori’s fancy chronominautilus devices. All you need now is a good swig of rum (trust us, you’ll need it), and you’re ready to set sail on the winds of time and plunder history itself!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even screw up the timeline some more?

Sounds like fun! I’ll be sure to update you on this RPG more as the publication time nears and a date is set for it to hit the presses!

Voyages Extraordinaires

Next weekend is shaping up to be quite a weekend with respect to Steampunk events. In addition to Nemo’s Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Gala Celebration and Portland’s Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, there’s yet another event taking place that is sure to excite all those presently residing in Southern California.

Abney Park, Veronique Chevalier, Steam Powered Giraffe and others will be performing this upcoming weekend, February 12th in San Diego at Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center. There will also be fine art exhibits featuring Aimee Stewart, Jessica Van Hulle, and Winona Cookie.

Tickets are $25, and to order, please click here. Doors open at 7PM. This is an all ages event, so bring the kids and have an awesome time!

Abney Park Needs Your Help!

A few nights ago, I received the following missive from Captain Robert. Abney Park needs your help!


2009 – Trouble Hits

Two years ago, we were putting the finishing touches on our album Aether Shanties, and our studio computer had a melt down. I came into the studio, found a blue screen of death waiting for me. Because of this crash we lost countless amazing recordings, and performances, I had to spend hundreds of dollars on bringing the guest musicians back to re-record their parts, etc. We basically had to rerecord the album again from scratch.

2010 – Trouble Returns

Since we are but poor wandering musicians, we basically patched that computer back together with some duck tape, and an old piece of chewing gum we found stuck to the bottom of one of Nathaniel’s boots.

It held together, sort of…until just before our latest album, The End Of Days was done. The computer started showing errors again, slowly down, rebooting took several attempts…and it final crashes again! But this time, it crashed just AFTER I spent it to mastering producer – after we were done.

Present Day

So I’ve started writing the next album, and the computer is crashing AGAIN. All day, everyday. So we’ve got to do something.


So here is what I’m going to do, we are going to have a one week sale to raise money for a new studio computer.

  • For every purchase made this week (1/10 – 1/16) I will send you a coupon for one free album download!
  • Every CD sold this week, Kristina and I will autograph at no additional charge! (typically autographed CD’s sell for $30 or more from our site) Here is a great opportunity to get a full set of autographed CDs!

Already have everything, but still want to help? Go here, and you can make a donation.

So, if you need some new Abney park music, go ahead and visit their store and get lots of goodies so that they can make more albums.

And honestly, I hope this is the last crisis I have to report on for a least a little while. Here’s hoping for some smooth sailing in the Steampunk world once Abney Park gets their computer back up and running.

Steampunk New Year’s Eve

If you happen to find yourself in Seattle this night before New Year’s Eve pondering how you should spend tomorrow night, allow me to recommend an excellent opportunity for Steampunk revelry, Abney Park’s Steampunk New Year’s Eve.

For a mere 30 dollars preordered, or 35 at the door, you can enjoy an evening of the best in Steampunk entertainment from aerialists and firebreathers to Unwoman and Abney Park. What better way to bring in 2011 than with everyone’s favorite airship pirates? There’s not one.

The Steampunk New Year’s Eve is being held at Studio Seven at 110 South Horton Street, Seattle, WA 98134. The doors open at 8 PM. It’s also a 21 and over event, so the minors will have to stay home for this one.

Personally, I’m planning to spend New Year’s with my beloved airship crew in a small gathering. How are you going to bring in 2011?