Voltaire’s New Album

Voltaire has a new album that’s slated to come out next week on September 6, 2011 on his Mars Needs Music imprint. The title for his new release is, I kid you not, Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children. Yep that’s the title.

And here’s the artwork for it:

I honestly don’t know if I can handle all the epicness that’s going on in front of me right now. You can listen to excerpts from the new CD here on Voltaire’s website. Check out the video below to get a different sampling of music including a ton of awesome guest artists.

And, if you just have to see this all for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that Voltaire will be undertaking the “The Black Unicorn Cabaret Tour”a five-week nationwide tour with This Way to the Egress and The Hellblinki Sextet. Here’s the dates and locations below:

  • Weds., September 21 – New Haven, Conn. at Rudy’s
  • Thurs., September 22 – Manchester, N.H. at Milly’s Tavern
  • Fri., September 23 – Portland, Me. at Asylum
  • Sat., September 24 – Providence, R.I. at Club Remi’s
  • Sun., September 25 – Ithaca, N.Y. at The Haunt
  • Mon., September 26 – Pittsburgh, Pa. at The Rex Theatre
  • Weds., September 28 – Charlotte, N.C. at The Milestone
  • Thurs., September 29 – Atlanta, Ga. at The Masquerade
  • Fri., September 30 – Savannah, Ga. at Yong’s
  • Sat., October 1 – Jacksonville, Fl. at The Factory
  • Mon., October 3 – Austin, Tx. at Elysium
  • Thurs., October 6 – Scottsdale, Ariz. at Martini Ranch
  • Fri., October 7 – San Diego, Calif. at Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center
  • Sat., October 8 – Los Angeles, Calif. (TBA)
  • Sun., October 9 – San Francisco, Calilf. at Stud Bar
  • Tues., October 11 – Portland, Ore. at The Fez Ballroom
  • Weds., October 12 – Seattle, Wash. at El Corazon
  • Fri., October 14 – Salt Lake City, Ut. at Area 51
  • Sun., October 16 – St. Louis, Mo. at Crack Fox
  • Mon., October 17 – Nashville, Tenn. at The Rutledge
  • Tues., October 18 – Kansas City, Mo. at The Beaumont Club
  • Weds., October 19 – Indianapolis, Ind. at Birdy’s
  • Thurs., October 20 – Columbus, Ohio at The Shrunken Head
  • Fri., October 21 – Milwaukee, Wis. at Club Anything
  • Sat., October 22 – Flint, Mich. at The Masonic Temple of Flint
  • Sun., October 23 – Philadelphia, Pa. at The Starlight Ballroom

With so many dates and locations, there’s sure to be something close for your to go and check out. In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up the new album on the 6th!

A Very Steampunk Christmas

Recently, Marc from The Mend That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing was kind enough to get in touch with me and told me about their upcoming release, A Very Steampunk Christmas.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing return December 13th with ‘A Very Steampunk Christmas’ EP, a special limited edition 7” and download, celebrating the season to be jolly.

The four-track release is led by ‘Ebenezer’s Carol’, an alternative take on the classic Dickens story, in true anachronistic Steampunk style, this time casting Scrooge as a conman, faking Christmas cheer for his own ends. The track sees Andrew O’Neill (guitar), Marc Burrows (bass) and Andy Heintz (musical saw) sharing the lead vocal in an unashamed attempt to create a classic Christmas rock record.

The EP is rounded out with brutal punk takes on festive standards ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ (re-titled ‘Comfort and Oi! Oi! Oi!) and ‘Silent Night’, here rendered in German and featuring the vocals of fringe cabaret star Lady Carol. Final track ‘Fox’, is a staple of the bands live show and is inspired by the traditional English Boxing Day Hunt, with Heintz voicing the titular fox, and O’Neill his bewildered new friend, over simple acoustic guitar and Heintz’ musical saw.

The EP closes a busy year for the Victorian Punk 4 piece, which has included the release of debut album ‘Now That’s What I Call Steampunk Volume One’ released in May this year to a slew of critical praise, performances at World Steam Expo in the USA, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Whitby Goth Weekender, a headline slot at The Asylum (The UK’s only Steampunk convention and festival) and headlining their own show in their native London. In October the track ‘Charlie’ was included on the Sepiachord Passport CD released in the US, featuring the cream of Steampunk and dark cabaret artists from around the world as compiled by the renowned Sepiachord Website based in Seattle.

A Very Steampunk Christmas is available for purchase as an EP on 7th and download only on December 13th. You can listen to the tracks below to see if the music is to your liking. If so, you can purchase the EP here at Amazon. Check back on the 13th for the digital download.

To learn more about The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, please check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

The End of Days is Out

Last night at 2 AM Dallas time, midnight in Seattle, Abney Park released The End of Days. The online release party was an online chat with the band and their various enthusiastic fans as we listened to a radio broadcast. If you didn’t attend the pre-release chat, you missed out on quite an experience. There were so many people in the chat that I often had to focus on just a few usernames at a time just to make sense of the conversations going on. Among the topics discussed were:

  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Pizza
  • MMOs and D&D
  • Seattle and SteamCon
  • The perpetual buffering of the radio station

The last topic always caused quite a stir among chat attendees, sending waves of text flying up my screen protesting the abrupt end of songs. Apparently, there were too many Abney Park fans listening in, so we broke the radio a few times!

At last, 2 AM rolled around, and I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE on the internet decided they had to buy the Abney Park RIGHT NAO. And, well, we broke the site. There was much qq-ing and gnashing of teeth, but a few hours later, the site was back up and sales for the new album was underway.

I’m very happy to report that I was able to snag one of the first 200 albums! Yay!

From what material was able to hear on the radio last night, this is sure to be an outstanding addition to the Abney Park repertoire. I can’t wait to hear this live at Steamcon!

Be sure to look for a review of The End of Days later this month after I’ve received it and had a moment to appreciate it before I start picking it apart for a review.

And, if for some strange reason, you still haven’t seen this, here’s the video of their title song, The End of Days.

Behold The Machine

Vernian Process informed me last week that they are finally ready to release Behold the Machine, the album I was able to preview in the very, very early days of Trial By Steam.

The album will hit stores on October 1st, making it the first in a series of impressive album debuts in October, first Vernian Process, then on the 12th is a Steampunk compilation CD with a number of impressive artists, A Sepiachord Passport, and finally Abney Park’s release of The End of Days on the 15th. It’s sure to be an amazing October for Steampunk music, and I can’t wait to hear them all.

Please visit Vernian Process’ website to learn more about tomorrow’s release, the band, and their music.

The End of Days

It’s almost here! Abney Park’s latest album, The End of Days, is set to go on sale on October 15th at midnight, Seattle time. The first 200 copies of the album that are sold will be signed and numbered by the band, and then shipped out that Monday for your audio enjoyment.

The album is made up of 13 tracks. Here’s the list:
The End Of Days
The Wrath Of Fate
I’ve Been Wrong Before
Fight Or Flight
Victorian Vigilante
Letters Between a Little Boy & Himself As An Adult
Beautiful Decline
Off The Grid
To The Apocalypse In Daddies Sidecar
Space Cowboy

The lineup for this album is positively impressive. Along with the amazing talents of the Abney Park band, there are guest artists galore, from Richard Lopez on Trombone and Alto Flute, Carey Rayburn on Vintage Muted Trumpet, and Erica Mulkey (better known as Unwoman) on Cello.

Though I’m still positively in love with Aether Shanties, I’m very excited to hear the new goodness that is sure to be The End of Days. So… who’s staying up late with me on the 15th to snag a copy of this album?

Steam Powered Stories

A while back, I told you all about the upcoming release of the Cog is Dead’s debut album but I had heard nothing with regards to when it would be available for purchase. I’m very happy to report that The Cog is Dead has finally released their debut album, Steam Powered Stories!

I’m very excited about this album. If you’d like to preview the album, take a look on their MySpace page and listen to a few of their tunes. I still really like “The Death of the Cog.” Their ballad “The Copper War” makes me think of American Steampunk which focuses on the old west (which is also this year’s SteamCon theme).   If you want to hear a little bit of each song, rather than the entirety of a few, you can visit Amazon and opt to preview all of the songs. This album is certainly more Steam than Punk, so please keep that in mind if you tend to prefer one sound over the other.

Steam Powered Stories is currently available on Amazon and CreateSpace for your purchase.