Steampunk Cake Tutorial

You know what’s awesome?



Cake is completely awesome.

But what could make cake more awesome? It’s hard to think about, I know, with something as amazing as cake to begin with, how on earth could cake be better than cake. It… just doesn’t make sense.

But there is a way, let me assure you.

What if… your cake was a Steampunk cake? And it looked like this?

“OMG!” you say. “I must have that cake! It will look amazing during my tea party or my weekly mad scientists support group. OMG.”

Well calm down ladies and gentlemen, you’ll love to know that this cake is an Instructable and there’s lovely step by step instructions so that you too can make many amazing cakes that look just like this one. Happy baking, happy readers, and remember, cake is the only thing that matters.

Steampunk Cakes

One of my favorite blogs in the vast space that is the internetz is Cake Wrecks. Cake Wrecks features the very worst in professional cake decorating atrocities. Needless to say, it is very much for the lulz. After I’ve had a bad day, Cake Wrecks often leaves me feeling better by reminding me of no matter how frustrating my day was, I don’t fail quite as much as the people who decorate (and expect others to buy) these cakes.

Every Sunday, however, Cake Wrecks features some of the very best in cake creation and design. Recently, she did a thread on Steampunk cakes. And, needless to say, these cakes are AMAZING. Like this one:

By Amanda of Venus Cakes:

I don’t know when I would ever have such an occasion to have a cake like that, but it is definitely impressive.

To see the entire blog post which includes lots more pictures of awesome Steampunk cakes, head on over to Cake Wrecks. And for some hilarious examples of cake decorating gone wrong, make sure to visit their main page often!