Bear Chair

What do you do if you passed a six legged grizzly bear in 1865?

You shoot it, make it into a chair, and give it to the president.

The photo above in in equal parts bizarre and sad. While it wasn’t actually a six legged grizzly, but the components of two different bears, that still doesn’t stop this char from bring completely bizarre, and totally real. It was given to President Andrew Jackson on September 8, 1865 by a hunter by the name of Seth Kinman.

That’s Seth above sitting in the chair. He looks everything like what you might expect a professional hunter to look. Apparently he also made a fiddle out of the skull of his favorite mule and gave it to Abraham Lincoln. Weird.

And we wonder why so much of our wildlife is on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, this sort of taxidermic decorating has been regulated to the history books, but it’s still really weird to look at.