Steampunk Names

The naming of Steampunks, just like cats, is indeed a difficult matter. Finding a name that succeeds in expressing the Steamy essence of a character, pet, child, or even yourself is no simple task. Once you’ve chosen a name, it tends to stick, so it’s imperative to ensure it’s a good one.

Nephele over at has compiled an impressive list of Steampunk inspired names, many of which have some root in proto or modern Steampunk literature.

This is a great place to start the search for that perfect Steampunk moniker. I especially appreciate how many of the names have a rationale/story behind them. They are not all just pulled at random, although there is some of that, of course.

Another resource some may find useful is the Victorian and Steampunk Name Generator which takes a few variables into consideration such as gender, class, and name length to come up with a new name. Keep pushing refresh until you arrive at one which suits your desires.