Chrononaut Mercantile

In my quest to ensure all of my readers are well dressed, I’d like to present to you all another merchant I found that specializes in quality, unique designs: Chrononaut Mercantile.

When it comes to unique and one of a kind designs, these designers are first-rate. They use only the best materials with the intention of having the garments and accessories purchased from them will last for years of wear after the initial purchase. They have a Steampunk section call The Age of Steam, but also have other sections of their word which include Faerie, Medieval, and Pirate designs.

Their Art of Crafting section does a wonderful job explaining their philosophy on their work and what materials they find do and do not meet their exacting standards. Check it out if you are interested in learning more about what all of those fashion terms actually mean in regards to your Steampunk regalia.

These guys are not particularly for Steampunks on a budget, but for those willing to pay for the finery of Chrononaut’s work, I believe you will find yourself entirely pleased by your purchase. Quality, after all, has a price, and while the Chrononaut’s price’s are high, you can expect that their standards are as well.