A Steampunk Mouse

There are a lot of modifications out there for Steampunked computer gear. From monitors to mice, people seem to love to get creative with putting the extraordinary into their computers.

Peter Balch recently created a Steampunk mouse and took photographic evidence of the entire process as it came together.

To see how this:

Became this:

Check out Mr. Balch’s Mousepunk article. Not only does he demonstrate how all of hiss pieces came together to form one fantastic looking mouse, but also includes commentary on one aspect about which I had some concerns: how it actually feels and works.

If you would rather not make one of these yourself, you can buy them directly from Mr. Balch by contacting him via email.  While you are at Mr. Balch’s website, some of you may find his article on Hacking an Antique Clock to be of interest which contains some interesting reading on installing autowinders and regulators to an old clock.

Gear Clocks

If there’s one thing that’s true about Steampunks, it’s true that we, as a subculture, love to stick gears on just about anything. It makes absolutely no difference whether said gears serve any sort of purpose; the more gears, the better.

An easy transition from gears is to the item in which we usually find them: clocks. Many an antique clock has been destroyed for its innards to be repurposed into fancy Steampunk gear. The Steampunk fascination with gears and other whirligigs found within an antique clocks is one of the main reasons why Clockpunk is often viewed as a subset of Steampunk.

And when the two are recombined, it makes for some excellent Steampunk decorating opportunities. The mainstream is catching on to our obsession for clocks and gears. When I was looking around for a new housewarming piece for my home in Seattle, I found this gear clock:

And this one:

And this one:

Wow. I honestly don’t know what to think of this. That’s a lot of different results for essentially the same thing. On the plus side, buying these would cover a lot of blank wall space with some Steampunk goodness that is pretty much on the mark with respect to the Steampunk aesthetic.