Lady Mechanika 1

Lady Mechanika is a Steampunk comic by Joe Benitez that began last year. The series features a half human, half-machine woman known simply as Lady Mechanika, who resides in the fictional city Mechanika in the year 1879. With no recollection of her life before her artificial limbs were attached, Lady Mechanika builds a practice as a private investigator while simultaneously trying to discover the secrets of her past.

The first prints of Lady Mechanika #0 sold out within days of its release and demanded a second print, and prints of Lady Mechanika 1 have also been enthusiastically snatched up.

In Lady Mechanika, our heroine has just landed a new case that may help unlock the secrets to her past. Reviews of the comic have been largely positive and the art is incredible, so be sure to check this one out.

Lady Mechanika is printed by Aspen Comics, a small comics publisher. While copies of the series may be available in your local comic books store, you can also buy them directly from the publisher here. There’s even signed copies and alternate covers for all you collectors out there.

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Deadlands Comic to Hit Bookselves in June

This June, a new comic featuring the Role Playing world of Deadlands will be published by Image Comics. For those of you unfamiliar with the Deadlands world, imagine a mix of weird west, fantasy, horror, and Steampunk all thrown together for a gritty world set in the United States in the last quarter of the 19th century.

The original tabletop RPG was written by Shane Hensley and published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The comic is a collaborative effort by Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and others to write stories in the Deadlands comic world.

Click here to learn more about Deadlands in its original tabletop RPG incarnation. And this article from Amazon does a wonderful job of guiding you through the process of finding material for the game so you can run your own Deadlands campaign.

Sarah Palin and Steampunk

Remember when, just a while back, I had hoped that by ignoring the bastardization of Steampunk by Disney, that it would simply disappear?

Well, I’m afraid that this is another one of those types of posts.

I’ve, again, been putting this one off in the hope that it would just go away. Like an annoying person you just refuse to acknowledge until they saunter off to bother someone else, I keep hoping these usurpations of Steampunk would just leave me and Steampunk the hell alone…

And then there came this:

Speaking of Annoying People...

AHHHH! What the fuck is this?!

I can’t even begin to say how wrong this is, or how far off from political Steampunk. Palin and her backwards viewpoints have no place in Steampunk and seeing her bedecked in our aesthetic makes me more than furious.

Some idiot thought it would be a great idea to make a comic book out of the US’s most popular quitter (Alaska governorship, anyone?). Here’s the comic’s summary straight from the website, because I’m too miffed to even try to paraphrase it:

Story: Fred Perry; Art: Ben Dunn

Energy catastrophe has struck worldwide! Massive oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and more leave us desperate for viable energy sources to rebuild global society and technology. Inspired by a little tea party, Sarah Palin hits upon the answer: steam power! She begins the ‘Steam Initiative’, touting geothermal energy as the cure for what ails ya. The heads of Big Oil and Nuclear Power are less than happy with this trend, and they send their agents to do in the Rogue Republican. Luckily, she comes prepared with a set of steam-powered armor! (Standard equipment, don’cha know.)

The best news out of all this is that it is a one-shot. Hopefully, we won’t see any more of this atrocity.

Time Lincoln Comic Book 1

I have one more book for you all to explore which I’m sure will be of interest.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Steampunk community with Abraham Lincoln. I mean, how many of us have seen this iconic photo and nodded and smiling agreement:

Yeah, it is exactly like that.

And because it is exactly like that, there’s a new comic out which is sure to make Steampunks squee in delight: Time Lincoln, by Fred Perry.

I am not even joking on this, guys. This is for reals. Here’s the summary blurb for the comic book.

What happens when the Great Emancipator is suddenly freed from the bonds of time to right wrongs throughout history? Taken out of time on the night of his assassination with the help of H.G. Wells’s time machine, Abraham Lincoln finds himself waging war upon the forces of evil in the past, present and future! In his last hour, he lived a lifetime!

I’m suddenly and inexplicably intrigued by this concept. Reviews for the comic have been mixed, but the fact that this comic even exists is enough to make me do a gleeful happy dance. Lincoln and his team of Einstein, Newton, George Washington Carver and Benjamin Franklin teamed up to fight the evils of Joseph Stalin, Napoleon, Castro, and Hitler.

You can purchase Time Lincoln at Comic Megastore for 3.25 USD.