Steampunk Composition Book

Today, I have for you all a delightfully simple project that will add a bit of Steampunk flair to those boring school supplies. This evening’s target is the composition book.

What's black and white and altogether boring?

Yes, everyone has had to use these at some point in their life, I think. I’ve personally had to use many during my grade school years. I can’t remember writing anything of any consequence in these books, but I do remember being so bored out of my mind that I colored all of the white spaces in with red ink. It looked very cool indeed, but certainly not Steampunk.

So, how might we go about Steampunking this common composition book?

Ah yes, that looks about right.

Click on the photo or just click here to discover how an ordinary composition book was transformed into an impressive Airship Log! The link will take you to a site called “Cut Out and Keep” which is dedicated to Do it Yourself crafts and tutorials.  A quick search of all things Steampunk on the site yielded 79 hits of projects labeled with Steampunk. So there are all sorts of potential Steampunk projects that might peek your interest.