A Steampunk Mouse

There are a lot of modifications out there for Steampunked computer gear. From monitors to mice, people seem to love to get creative with putting the extraordinary into their computers.

Peter Balch recently created a Steampunk mouse and took photographic evidence of the entire process as it came together.

To see how this:

Became this:

Check out Mr. Balch’s Mousepunk article. Not only does he demonstrate how all of hiss pieces came together to form one fantastic looking mouse, but also includes commentary on one aspect about which I had some concerns: how it actually feels and works.

If you would rather not make one of these yourself, you can buy them directly from Mr. Balch by contacting him via email.  While you are at Mr. Balch’s website, some of you may find his article on Hacking an Antique Clock to be of interest which contains some interesting reading on installing autowinders and regulators to an old clock.

Steampunk Computer: The Timekeeper

It’s no secret to anyone who has read this blog for any length of time that I love computers and the internet. Steampunk wouldn’t be the vibrant and well connected community that it is without it, so computers and their accessories are, as a result, some of my favorite modifications to feature here.

Steampunk modified computers are hardly inexpensive, however. The skills required to build and modify a computer are not common knowledge, and messing up with something like computer become a very expensive and unproductive hobby.

There is a new listing on Etsy that features a relatively inexpensive computer modified in the Steampunk aesthetic that has attracted my attention. It’s super shiny:

Created by John Dunn, The Timekeeper computer costs 1,099 USD (plus shipping) and is really quite impressive. Though I’m not at the point in my life where a desktop would fulfill all of my computing needs, this is certainly something I will keep on the radar if that day comes.

You can buy The Timekeeper here on Etsy.

Old Time Computer

Computers are an important part of our modern lives. They make it so much simpler to do work, play, and to socialize. They are, however, hardly works of art. The average computer is not a work of art. It is simply utilitarian, made of various plastics to keep productions costs down. The Steampunk computer, as you all are well aware, is one that is concerned equally with function and fashion. In Steampunk utility does not mean a lack of beauty.

Old Time Computer is a small, independent operation by “woodguy32” who specializes in the modification of Mac computers, keyboards, mice, and iPhone and iPad docking stations.  Needless to say, if you have any needs for a Steampunk Mac, this is a great place to purchase it.

He’s even got laptops among his repertoire of modified computers which is excellent for Steampunks on the go.

If you would like to explore the many products offered by Old Time Computer, you can visit there main website or their Etsy Store for examples of the excellent work by woodguy32.