Steamcon Updates

There’s  a little it over a month left before the start of Steamcon II, Weird Weird West, but there are some deadlines that are rapidly approaching for anyone who is still entertaining the idea of attending this event.

You can still buy your registration, and ticket prices as listed will remain as such until November 7th. Make sure you buy ahead of time, however, because last year they sold out entirely, and it would be terrible to find yourself in a similar situation this year.

Event tickets are now on sale for those who have bough their registration to the convention. This includes events such as the Abney Park concert, the fashion show and tea party, and a seat at the first annual Airship Awards.

Hotel Rooms blocks are all booked at the Marriott, but there’s still space at the Hilton to reserve a room for the event. And don’t worry, even though Steamcon was originally held at the Marriott, the Hilton will still have cool people staying there, myself included! The Hilton will host panels, the art exhibition, the concert and much more. The low convention rate will only be available through October 29th, so act now.

Though a complete schedule of events has not been entirely hammered out, Diana Vick has posted a rough outline to the Steamcon forums which I found helpful in planning my various ensembles for the weekend. She said:

Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to hammer out all the details of a conventions schedule. We won’t be able to put that up until just a week or two before the con. I can tell you a few things, but even they may change. The con starts Friday at noon. There will be plenty of things going on from then until Sunday around 4:00 when we officially stop. The art show, vendors room, panels, games and many more things will be going Friday-Sunday. On Friday night there will be a Riverboat Gambler Night, a banquet and a dance along with other things. On Saturday night there will be a cotillion, a concert and lots of other things. I hope that helps you to some degree.

There’s also been talk of a Landing party on Thursday and a wake on Sunday evening for people (like me!) who intend to come early and leave late.

Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition

There’s a new Steampunk convention preparing for its debut in April of 2011, the Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition. This convention will take place on the weekend of April April 15th, 16th and 17th at the  Stone Garden Hotel in Oklahoma City. At the time that this post was written, it does not appear that there is a discounted convention price for rooms at the Stone Garden Hotel. Hotel rooms are normally 87.50 for the weekend rate.

Programing is, of course, still being worked on, as we are currently eight months from seeing the start of this event, but to see what is already planned, and to keep tabs on new developments, be sure to visit the Programming section of their website. You can also see a current list of the guests here.

Applications are being accepted for vendor and artist space and can be purchased here. There’s lots of different options, so if you are a Steampunk artist or merchant, be sure to check out all of your options. All sales for a booth or table at the Exposition end on February 28th, 2011, so be sure to book early as space is also limited!

And if you wish to attend, tickets are now on sale and offer a single day admission, a weekend admission, and a Friend of the Oklahoma Steampunks level. Ticket descriptions, prices, and the place to purchase tickets can be found here.

It remains to be seen if I will be attending this convention. Some of the members of the Society have expressed an interest in making the trip up, so I may decide to go with them on this adventure. I’ll keep you all updated if I finalize any plans!

CONvergence 2010

As I know that some of my most loyal readers are from Minnesota, I wanted to highlight a convention going on in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that has some respectable Steampunk events on its schedule. CONvergence in Bloomington, MN is an annual science-fiction and fantasy convention that goes on for four days at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel.

With four days of programing, you can bet that there’s going to be lots of exciting Steampunk stuff going on. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that it has more workshops and explicitly Steampunk events than A-Kon! Here’s a list of the current Steampunk schedule.

  • Thursday: 11:30 p.m. – The Seedy Side of Steampunk
  • Friday: 1:00 p.m. – Steampunk Fashion Exposition
  • Friday: 2:00 p.m. – Regency Dance
  • Friday: 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Steam Century Mystery
  • Friday: 7:00 p.m. – Steampunk on the Page
  • Saturday: 12:00 p.m. – 5 p.m. – Steam Century Mystery
  • Saturday: 5:00 p.m. – Steampunk
  • Saturday: 11:30 p.m. – Horror at Cold Springs Release Party
  • Sunday: 12:30 p.m. – Ooh Shiny! (Steampunk Crafts)
  • Sunday: 2:00 p.m. – Steampunk Costuming

    Also, Voltaire is going to be performing, and that show is one that should not be missed. Tickets can be bought at the door, but only weekend passes are available, which are $80 per adult. Please check out their website for a full scope of next weekend’s events, including the entire schedule online here, as well as many useful FAQs to get an idea for how things are run at Convergence.

    If any of my dear friends from Minnesota decide to attend, I’d love to hear how it went!

    A-Kon 21 Overview

    Whew, what a week! Sorry for the delay in updating, folks. This week has been terribly rough and containing far too many after-hours projects a row. But now I’m back and very excited to tell you all about the wonders of A-Kon 21.

    I think we all know that I was skeptical about the amount of Steampunk activities that were going to happen at A-Kon. Why would they have Steampunk events at a explicitly Anime convention? I still am not exactly sure, but I’m pleasantly surprised that there was a strong Steampunk presence there. So, without further ado, a quick summary of A-Kon 21! 😀

    Thursday night was Registration night which naturally meant standing in a long line to receive my badge. I had just come from work and picking up a friend who flew in from MINNESOTA to hang with me for the weekend. It just so happened that I managed to fall in line right in front of a Dieselpunk named Larry and his charming wife and we became fast friends. Over the weekend, we learned that we lived relatively close to one another and that we had a number of of interests (besides Steampunk) in common.

    Click on the photo to check out Larry's blog!

    Friday I wandered about A-Kon for a bit and browsed the various merchants wares. I picked up lots of business cards of products I liked so that I could show them to you all in future blog posts! Friday was the official start of Steampunk events, and the first one was a “Steampunk 101” panel led by the Sky Dogs and the Delirium of Grandeur. At this panel, they discussed what they thought Steampunk was and offered up various categories of Steampunk. I thought the panel was interesting, especially when compared to the current direction of the Great Steampunk Debate. There certainly are a lot of different opinions and perspectives on what Steampunk means to people. I promise I’ll write a post later on this panel.

    Later that evening was a Steampunk Tea Social which sounded lovely on paper but in reality was made a bit uncomfortable by the lack of tables and chairs. Also, hot beverages are usually not the drink of choice for those wearing many layers in the 100 degree weather of a Dallas summer. I chatted with Larry and his wife and a couple of new acquaintances who were pleasantly charming. There was an a Capella group there to provide the entertainment for the night, but they seemed to lose everyone’s attention after they sang the same song four different times. Imagine that.

    And just when I was starting to worry about the future of this convention, in walked Captain Robert, who I’m sure you all know is the lead singer of Abney Park. There he was, just hanging with us. I couldn’t believe it. I had not expected to see any of the members of Abney Park until Saturday night at the concert, and yet, there he was! I was literally shaking with excitement- a fact that Captain Robert did not fail to overlook as I took a photo of some of my new friends with the Captain.

    “She’s shaking,” he said.

    “I know,” I said to myself.

    After the photo was taken, I asked if I could have a photo with him as well, to which he responded, “Come into my arms.” I’m pretty sure I squeed in excitement. Captain Robert put an arm around my waist and commented again on my shaking, before concluding, “It’s our love, darling.”

    The tea social ended shortly after this photo was taken, which was proceeded by the Steampunk Ball. It quickly devolved into the raved I feared it would, but not before Captain Robert led us in the dance to Airship Pirate and played air-violin for us during the song’s violin solo. Needless to say, it was epic… And that, my friends, was just Friday night…

    Saturday was only more epic. At a Q&A session with the whole of Abney Park, I was asked by Nathaniel where I got my top hat which is quite the compliment considering how many top hats they see… After the panel, I got the email addresses of the band so that I could forward the information on to them. Wheee!

    So then, the concert. Oh god, the concert… I sat for three hours to get a front row view of the action (with a little help from my friend Larry, who rocks) and it was positively amazing. Abney Park was everything I could have hoped they would be, and more. It was amazing!

    They played all of their hits… in fact the only one I really missed was Under the Radar, a personal favorite of mine. By the concerts nearing end, however, everyone was screaming for them to play Airship Pirate, to which Captain Robert informed the crowd that they could not play it because they did not have their violin stand… unless… someone would hold the violin for Nathaniel during the song. And guess who got picked to come up and rock out with the band! (I’m still searching for a good photo of this. If anyone finds one, please let me know…) Nathaniel even gave me his pick that he played the night with after the song was over.

    In autographs after the concert, I got a hug from Nathaniel and he asked me to add him of Facebook which was another squee moment. I can’t wait to see them again at SteamCon.

    So, needless to say I had a spectacular time a A-Kon. I met many wonderful Steam and Dieselpunks and I can’t wait to see Abney Park again. It was hard to go back to work after such a Steampunk weekend, but fortunately, I have SteamCon on the horizon. I doubt it could come fast enough, though!

    Steampunk Events at A-Kon 21

    Today is the start of registration for A-Kon here in Dallas, TX. Fortunately, my friend and I have already pre-registered and have our badges in hand. I’ve been pouring over the programing schedule and my, am I surprised by how many Steampunk events are happening here this “Anime Convention.”

    I was initially attracted to A-Kon 21 by the singular knowledge that Abney Park is playing this Saturday at 10PM. The last time Abney Park was in Dallas, I was out of the country and therefore missed the concert. I refused to miss this latest opportunity to see Abney Park, and decided to take the weekend off to laugh at all the Anime nerds while I hung around waiting for Abney Park’s performance. I assumed that this would be most of the weekend.

    My, was I incorrect. There’s almost always some Steampunk event going on at A-Kon. On Friday afternoon, there’s a panel called, “Steampunk 101: What is Steampunk to You?” I’m very excited to hear what people have to say about this and how it differs (if at all) from the discussion going on at present at The Great Steampunk Debate.

    Friday night, there is a Steampunk Tea Social (squee!) and then a Steampunk Ball immediately following the Tea Social. I just hope that Steampunk music is played at the ball. I’ll be really disappointed if they anything other than that. Techno, rave music and anime music is all a no-no. We’ll see what happens and hope for the best in the meantime.

    Saturday night is the Abney Park concert *happy dance* and the band will be avaliable later for autographs. I think I will have to get a poster or something equally exciting signed. Sunday there’s a session on Steampunk Couture with the Sky Dogs.

    Sounds like a busy weekend! Just as a reminder, there won’t be any more Kon related posts for a while. I won’t have internet connection at the Kon hotel, so updates between now and the end of Kon will be spotty at best. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll do my best to update the blog with the limited internet that I might have, but if you miss my posts that much, come find me at the Kon! You can count on my presence at all of the events I’ve mentioned above!

    A-Kon 21, Dallas, Tx

    Ladies and gentlemen, I know that I have spent a considerable amount of time discussing my excitement for the upcoming SteamCon II to take place between the 19th and 21st of November in the beautiful city of Seattle. But all this talk of far-flung lands and dates have caused a request to be placed by my local cohorts here in Dallas to present some Texan Steampunk events, preferably in our fair city of Dallas.

    And while Dallas is far from the Steampunk capital of the world (in my book, it’s Seattle) I have for you Dallasites the next date that Abney Park will be in Dallas: June 5, 2010, for A-Con.

    Now, I know that this is not an expressly Steampunk event. I must admit that I’m not that much into Anime. But Abney Park is going to be Saturday Night’s concert, which is sure to bring out the local Steampunks, at least for their performance.

    I’ve bought the three day pass to this event, just so that I can be completely assured that I can see Abney Park’s performance. It cost me a paltry 45 dollars for three days of events which I will probably attend despite my indifference to anime just to see the nerds and geeks of Dallas come out of their hidey-holes for a few days.

    Anyone else thinking of going?

    The Steampunk World’s Fair

    Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that yet another meeting of Steampunk minds is set to take place. The Steampunk World’s Fair is set to occur between May 12 and the 14th at the Radisson of Piscataway, New Jersey. I’m particularly excited about this event because it is the first Steampunk event on the East Coast that I have had the honor of hearing about. In fact, according to their website, it is the region’s first convention for Steampunks.

    For those of you who are likely to miss one of the many West Coast gatherings of Steampunks, The Steampunk World’s Fair should absolutely be on your list of events to attend. Registration is now open. If you’re on the East Coast, don’t think twice about burning a vacation day on what will surely be a thrilling Steam-driven weekend!