Steampunk Cookery

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking for friends. I love throwing together fresh ingredients to make something tasty and wonderful to share. It’s like modern alchemy.

Steampunk continues to grow and define itself as a subculture and is being incorporated into people’s lives in remarkably creative ways. Modifications abound to technology, furniture, and fashion to make them more in line with out aesthetic preferences. , the author of the blog Steampunk Cookery, suggests that food too can be Steampunk:

If you can sew a steampunk wardrobe, write a steampunk story, and create a steampunk computer… why shouldn’t you cook steampunk food?

Indeed, why not? There’s already been a Steampunk cookbook created by the community via Brass Goggles, so the concept should not be terribly foreign. After all, the culinary arts and its resulting tasty food has a powerful ability to unite people and uplift moods.

Victoria Tea Trifecta

Today’s post on Steampunk Cookery features The Victorian Tea Trifecta, a dessert that sounds positively decadent. There’s tons of Steamy recipes here, so be sure to check back often.

Steampunk and Victorian Food

With the holidays soon upon us, that means it is time for food. And not just any food. We’re talking grandiose Thanksgiving dinners that served for ten that could easily serve 50.

Yes, November and December is a time of gluttony, and if you’re going to be doing all that cooking anyway, you might as well make it Steampunk, right? Right.

Fortunately, horizonchaser over at LiveJournal has gone through a monumental undertaking to guide you through the process of Steampunking your holiday culinary experience. Her impressive article entitled Steampunk and Victorian Food is chock full of period recipes and tips for creating that perfect holiday meal. Some of them are a little stranger than others, so I’ll leave it to your culinary discretion to pick out those that are the tastiest and least likely to freak out your guests.

As an important asside, since we are talking about food, it’s important to mention manners. Remember that your guests may have certain dietary restrictions which may complicate their desire the fully partake in the festivities. Be sure to give everyone lots of options. Everyone loves food, but no one likes being surrounded by food and having nothing to eat. So be a good host and consider your guests!

A Steampunk Breakfast

If there’s one thing that is universally true, its that everyone loves pancakes. They are a fabulous way to start any morning before going out adventuring. But how to make sure those delicious flapjacks are sufficiently Steampunk?

Four Pounds Flour is a blog dedicated to old fashioned recipes and cooking. And, you know what’s the thing about old recipes that are still around? They’re really good. I love that Four Pounds Flour does such a good job of adapting old recipes for the modern kitchen while remaining true to the original end product.

A little while ago, Four Pounds Flour featured pancakes on their website, and provided recipes for three different flavors of delicious pancakes. There’s Apple, Clove and Rose Water, and Pumpkin Cornmeal Pancakes.  These things sound so good, I doubt they’d need something like maple syrup or butter to make them delicious, but should you need a sauce for them, there’s a recipe for a white wine or brandy based sauce that you can make that’s also included in the post.

Those look amazing! And cooked on a hearth fire too! Awesome!

If you’re itching to cook something a bit different, Four Pounds Flour is a great resource to consult. Let me know if you find something on their site that you’ve cooked. I’d love to see/hear about the result!

Fuel For The Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook

Even Steampunks need to eat on the occasion they find themselves out of the lab to recharge. Earlier this week, I presented to you all a recipe for Trilobite Cookies which I love, but Steampunks cannot live on cookies alone, even adorable, Trilobite shaped ones. And really, the thought of just an average TV dinner or fast food hardly captures the spirit of Steampunk.

Which is why today, I bring you the best of Steampunk culinary arts, Fuel for the Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook.

Elizabeth Stockton has collected the best of classic recipes to create a cookbook which respects traditional cooking while assuring these dishes have a distinctly Steampunk signature. What I really like about these recipes is that they aren’t too gimmicky. They aren’t embarrassingly over the top in their need to represent Steampunk culinary proclivities, but the subtle signature is there.

The cookbook has it all, from Beverages and Appetizers to Desserts, and everything in between. I love the titles of some of these recipes, and so many of them sound positively delicious!

You can order this cookbook here for 11.05 USD, or download it for FREE here. Yes, free. Seriously, free. Still, being the bibliophile that I am, I can’t resist having this book in my kitchen. Certainly money well spent!

Happy cooking!