Free crochet pattern: Steampunk Ruffled Spats

For all you makers out there, I have a beautiful and free crochet spats pattern.

Brought to you by the Grand Rapids Arts and Crafts Examiner, these spats are sure to put an impressive finishing touch to your latest Steampunk outfit. Please click here to view the pattern.

The example shown was crocheted using light weight yarn and a size F hook.  Finished size will vary based on yarn selection, hook size, and tension.  This pattern is written for making the right spat.  To change the pattern for the left foot, work R10 in back loops only instead of front.

And because this is the pattern and not just an outright purchase, you can be sure that whatever spats you create will be the perfect color to match your Steampunk wardrobe. And really, spats go with just about anything with a Steampunk flair. It’s like a white scarf… it’s good for all seasons and occasions!