Steampunk Events at A-Kon 21

Today is the start of registration for A-Kon here in Dallas, TX. Fortunately, my friend and I have already pre-registered and have our badges in hand. I’ve been pouring over the programing schedule and my, am I surprised by how many Steampunk events are happening here this “Anime Convention.”

I was initially attracted to A-Kon 21 by the singular knowledge that Abney Park is playing this Saturday at 10PM. The last time Abney Park was in Dallas, I was out of the country and therefore missed the concert. I refused to miss this latest opportunity to see Abney Park, and decided to take the weekend off to laugh at all the Anime nerds while I hung around waiting for Abney Park’s performance. I assumed that this would be most of the weekend.

My, was I incorrect. There’s almost always some Steampunk event going on at A-Kon. On Friday afternoon, there’s a panel called, “Steampunk 101: What is Steampunk to You?” I’m very excited to hear what people have to say about this and how it differs (if at all) from the discussion going on at present at The Great Steampunk Debate.

Friday night, there is a Steampunk Tea Social (squee!) and then a Steampunk Ball immediately following the Tea Social. I just hope that Steampunk music is played at the ball. I’ll be really disappointed if they anything other than that. Techno, rave music and anime music is all a no-no. We’ll see what happens and hope for the best in the meantime.

Saturday night is the Abney Park concert *happy dance* and the band will be avaliable later for autographs. I think I will have to get a poster or something equally exciting signed. Sunday there’s a session on Steampunk Couture with the Sky Dogs.

Sounds like a busy weekend! Just as a reminder, there won’t be any more Kon related posts for a while. I won’t have internet connection at the Kon hotel, so updates between now and the end of Kon will be spotty at best. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll do my best to update the blog with the limited internet that I might have, but if you miss my posts that much, come find me at the Kon! You can count on my presence at all of the events I’ve mentioned above!

Steampunk Fashion Ball at Panoptikon

In an effort to highlight the occasional Steampunk event in my current location of Dallas, TX, I’d like to bring your attention today to a “Steampunk Fashion Ball” at Panoptikon in Deep Ellum on Friday, May 7th at 9PM. The House of Mob will be presenting their latest line of Steampunk fashion for the viewing delight of all Dallas Steampunks. Best of all, the event is free; there is no cover or entrance fees to witness this exciting event.

House of Mob has a five page spread in Twisted South Magazine that came out on May 1st at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Book World and Waldenbooks across the USA, Puerto Rico and the UK with some stores carrying the magazine in France and Spain. It is a limited edition magazine, so if you like what you have seen on House of Mob’s website, consider picking up a copy, and be quick about it!

This is a excellent opportunity to meet some local Steampunks in a town where Steampunk seems scattered and a bit disorganized. I’d like to be able to say that I will with all certainty be at this event, but with the way my work is, I can make no certain guarantees to my presence. If you decide to go, let me know how it was!

Where you will be able to see me, with all certainty, is at A-Kon in June, specifically, at the Abney Park concert. I have no idea as to why Abney Park is playing at A-Kon. The connection between Steampunk and anime is feeble at best, but the fact remains that Abney Park will be in Dallas, and I therefore, must be there, and I hope you will be as well. Early registration for A-Kon is closed, but you can still buy tickets at the door when the Kon starts.