Steampunk Laptop Pre-orders

There’s hardly a Steampunk that’s unfamiliar with Datamancer’s Steampunk laptop. It’s one of the first things that comes up in image searches for Steampunk and is an incredible example of Steampunk art. Sometimes, when I’m explaining the aethetic of Steampunk to people who are entirely unfamiliar with the concept, I pull up its image and say, “This. This is Steampunk.”

Five years ago, the first Steampunk laptop was created, and it has been charming people around the world ever since. And now, one of these beautiful devices can be yours.

Datamancer has determined to create replicas of the original Steampunk laptop for your purchase, and pre-orders for it are now open. The price is high, but well worth the investment into a piece of functional Steampunk art created by hand by the artist. For more information and details on the specs of the Steampunk laptop, and how to go about ordering your own, be sure to visit Datamancer’s website.

Recycled Steampunk Keyboards

Steampunk has a very strong green element to it. From guerrilla gardening to rescuing antiques to repurpose them. Today’s post features some amazing Steampunk keyboard mods, all of them created from the bits and pieces of what was once junk in an article from 1800recycling, a website dedicated to all things recycling.

May of these mods will be familiar to many of you, but to see them all in one place with a mini tale on the creation of each keyboard is really neat. Fair warning, though: the article is very image heavy and many be a burden on slow or spotty connections.

All these impressive mods makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s like falling in love with Steampunk and the Maker Ethic all over again.