Regretsy- Not Remotely Steampunk

We all know that the popularity of Steampunk is growing. People are discovering and embracing the genre and subculture everyday, and that’s a great and wonderful thing! (If’ you’re new to Steampunk, welcome! This is where all the cool kids hang out) 😛

And, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you all know how much I love Etsy and its ability to connect Steampunks to handmade goods, rather than having to go corporate to buy goodies you can’t make yourself.

But, there is a sinister side to all of this… a dark, leering creature that hides within the halls of Etsy using the term Steampunk to describe goods that are clearly not.

The blog Regretsy written by April Winchell, which features the more bizarre Etsy projects out there, has dedicated a section of it postings to showcase the hilarity of these mislabelings: Not Remotely Steampunk. Here, you’ll find all things clearly not Steampunk, but labeled by the creator as such. It’s amusing to see what people are trying to pass as Steampunk, and it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that April is out there keeping an eye out for all us Steampunks. So, April, thanks!

If you’ve enjoyed this train-wreck of Do It Yourself projects, you will most certianly enjoy April’s book, Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF.

USB Typewriter

I’ve highlighted a lot of Steampunk computers and keyboards in the months that I’ve been working on this blog. Computers play an incredibly important role in the Steampunk community. There’s no single tool that so simply and instantaneously connects us to each other. And, if you have the ability, funds, and the workspace there’s no better tool to Steampunk than the computer.

I’ve seen a lot of mods in my time, but this one just blew me away.

That’s a modified typewriter plugged into an iPad and functions just like today’s modern keyboard. Why mod a modern keyboard (ergonomics, portability, and num-pads aside… trifles!) when you can plug and actual typewriter into your computer?

USB Typewriter is run by Jack Zylkin over at Etsy (where else?). There you can buy fully refurbished typewriters to suit your computing needs, or in the true spirit of Steampunk, Do it Yourself kits to make your own USB typewriter. I like that someone has found a use for all those antique typewriters we have sitting about that hardly anyone knows how to repair anymore. Perhaps this will (relatively) preserve some of the antique typewriters and prevent their keys being pried off and employed for Steampunk keyboard mods!

Dark Destiny Designs

Before A-Kon started, I ordered some gloves to go with my dress. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for express shipping so that they would make it in time for the convention, so they did not arrive until after the convention was over. It was alright, though, I wound up wearing two pairs of white gloves that used to be my grandmothers, and they looked spectacular.

I’m very excited about my new gloves, however, and wanted to share them all with you:

These are spats inspired arm-warmers from Dark Destiny Designs. I got them from their Etsy site and I love them! They are just outstanding, and they fit me perfectly.

The only sad part about this entry is that Erin, the seamstress, has temporarily closed her shop. She’s due to have her baby soon (congrats to her) and thus has closed up shop for the immediate future. Fear not, however! Erin does intend to reopen her shop, and you can even sign up on her Etsy storefront to know when she’ll reopen for business.

If you like the look of these can would like to see some of her past work, you can visit the gallery on her main website, or her past purchases on her Etsy shop. I think you will like what you see, especially if you are into Dark Steam.

Steampunk Gear Table

At present, I am not to the point in my life where I am buying furniture of any sort. I’m far too nomadic to be interested in laying down 700 dollars for a table. For those of you who are, however, I’d like to bring your attention to a spectacular little gem I discovered today while I was browsing Etsy for new components to my Steampunk wardrobe:

Ooh, ahh… This table is perfectly Steampunk. The gears are made from 15 layers of birch hardwood laminated together and the large gear is 30 layers which means this table should last. What really excites me about this table is that the gears actually spin via the handle on the left. How cool is that?

The table’s overall measurements are approx. 26 inches wide, 40 inches long, and 30 inches high. Shipping and pick-up options are  available to the very lucky Steampunk who elects to purchase this beauty. Consider me incredibly envious.

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll get back to posting material from A-Kon. I just wanted to let you know about this table before someone else snatches it away!

Steampunk Jumper by IrregularPearl

Today I wanted to share a wonderful experience with all of you on my most recent purchase from Etsy. Last month, I bought a charming Steampunk Jumper from IrregularPearl.

I cannot recommend this seller enough. She was courteous and eager to ensure that all my needs as her customer were met.  When my shipment was delayed, she was generous enough to refund my money for the shipping. How sweet of her!

And this dress is just gorgeous! I love the unique look of the design. Her measurements were all true to form which made the dress fit me perfectly with a lovely personally tailored feel. And this, unlike the shirts from ThinkGeek, this dress is totally something I could wear to work! Yay!

Irregular Pearl has another dress on Etsy for sale at the moment: a blue and white Edwardian dress that also looks rather Steampunk-esque. There’s even a bustle for the dress that comes with the ensemble so you don’t have to worry about finding one that will achieve the same look as is pictured in the Etsy listing. Knowing that this dress is at present the only dress of its kind, there is every reason to consider adding this piece to your wardrobe. The Edwardian dress is a versatile addition to any Steampunk lady’s wardrobe for summer as it appears the overcoat can be removed (I’m not positive on this, so please confirm with IrregularPearl if you wish to be sure). Be sure to take your measurements before ordering!

If you wind up buying this dress, let me know how you liked it and how your experience with Etsy and IrregularPearl played out. Again, by my standards, she is highly recommended!

Etsy: Alchemy

A while back, I sang the praises of Etsy and why it is a Steampunk’s paradise.  Not only does it have an unmatched wealth of Steampunk influenced goods, but it also makes it easy to purchase handmade items by actual artisans rather than buying goods from the corporate sphere.  Supporting individuals over the corporate and mass-produced is at the heart of what we Steampunks do, after all!

Yes, its true. I’m in love with Etsy. But, I have another reason to love Etsy, and it is called Alchemy.

Oooh, ahh….

Alchemy is the perfect way to get exactly what you want for that Steampunk accessory you’ve had lodged in your mind but don’t have the artistic skills to create yourself. It’s your fastest and most effective way to find the most qualified artist to create whatever it is that your heart desires. Just place a request for a custom order and watch the bids pour in from talented artists all over the world. You will be sure to get exactly what you want and an item that is uniquely yours through Alchemy.


Part of the beauty of Steampunk is the unique craftsmanship that goes into Steampunk art. Because Steampunk lauds the individual crafts-person and scoffs at the mass-produced, each Steampunk item is almost sure to be unique.

Finding quality, handmade goods, especially Steampunk inspired ones, can be something of a challenge. Etsy, a website specializing in handmade and vintage arts, however, makes the search a little easier. Etsy’s mission is to reconnect buyers and sellers in a more personalized shopping experience.  This kind of shopping experience was a dying concept as artists were regulated to the occasional craft fair and most consumers switched to mass-produced goods of unknown origin or workmanship to save a few extra dollars.

Etsy is the complete opposite of that trend. The buyer knows exactly who is making what they wish to buy, and where it is coming from. Best of all, shopping Etsy means you are supporting artists who are trying to make a living selling their crafts. While you won’t find many “bargans” here, what you will find is fantastically made goods.

Steampunk itself has a considerable presence on Etsy. My search for “Steampunk” today under All Categories yielded 44, 245 items which were tagged as having a Steampunk flair. What a great selection!

Etsy comes highly recommended not only for your Steampunk needs, but for anything you might want that is hand/home made. Making the shift away from corporate purchases and supporting a talented artist has never been easier.