Wild Wild West Con

It’s been a while since I covered an upcoming convention, and the topic of tonight’s post is that, but much, much more. Wild Wild West Con is part convention, part festival taking place form March 4-6 at Old Tucson Studios.

For one weekend, Old Tucson Studios will be transformed into the town of Rusted Gear, providing an immersive experience for convention attendees by breaking free of the standard, modern hotel based convention.

There will be all sorts of entertainment for convention attendees, including

“music concerts, a dinner theater, a tea party with a published author, a charity fashion show, a freak show art show, a mercantile pavilion, a street parade, street performers, a high noon dual competition, a fast draw competition, a gaming parlor, live action stunt shows, cabaret saloon shows, ghost tours, a masquerade ball, a mad scientist lab, costume contests, courtroom discussion panels, how to workshops and much more.”

Tickets to the convention can be purchased on the convention website. To book a room in the convention’s hotel, Hotel Tucson City Center Conference Suite Resort, call 1 (520) 622-3000 or 1 (888) 784-8324 and mention the convention’s group code #1989 during your reservation.

This is looking like it will be an impressive event, so do consider making the trip out to Arizona.

A Clockwork Wonderland Video

Last week, I featured an interview with my good friend, Toby Lawhon, the lead singer for the band Marquis of Vaudeville and the main coordinator for the upcoming event, A Clockwork Wonderland: Through the Aether and Mysterium. It’s shaping up to be quite the event for area Steampunks and retrofuturists.

Lots of local talent has been poured into this project, and the topic of today’s post is proof of that. On the 18th of December, a number of Steampunks from the area gathered at Texas Discovery Gardens to produce this promotional video for the event:

Don’t look to hard… you won’t find me there (I, unfortunately, had to work) but you will find some of my crew and friends showing off their wonderful acting skills!

And remember, if you happen to be a Steampunk within driving distance of Dallas, I can’t encourage you enough to consider coming out to experience the Clockwork Wonderland on the 22nd of this month.

Tickets are $15 at the rabbit hole. Advanced Tickets: $12 + $2.75 service charge, and can be purchased at Front Gate Tickets.

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook and/or the Steampunk Empire. I hope to see you there!

A Clockwork Wonderland

A Clockwork Wonderland is a local event being organized by the Marquis of Vaudeville on January 22nd at the Curtain Club in Dallas. It’s sure to be an excellent event and is already promising to draw Steampunks from across the state to share a night of steam driven fantasy.

Although he’s been working around the clock to bring participants the very best in Dallas Steampunk, I got the opportunity to chat with Toby Lawhon, the lead singer of the Marquis of Vaudeville, about the Clockwork Wonderland in between his very busy schedule. In our conversation, he told me about what people could expect from the Clockwork Wonderland. Here’s what he had to say:

A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium, is, precisely what the name exudes and implies; an extravagant escape from the mundane world into a weird wonderland comprised of mystery & magnificence, clockwork & contraptions, of airships and Victorian aesthetics. It’s an alternative take on Lewis Carroll’s tales of Wonderland, in which the realm of steampunk has been overgrown and enveloped by vines and a certain sense of nonsensical whimsy.

It is, in essence, a show, an assemblage, an experience, and extraordinary engagement that we wish to share with all steampunks, misfits, and other diehard dreamers of alternative culture.

Why? Because we found ourselves wondering…
What if Wonderland had weird widgets, gear-laden gadgets, and ingenious inventors just around every hedgerow? What if newfangled gizmos could be found in perpetuity throughout a forest of overgrown flowers?

This is the inkling behind A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium

Hosted by our musical outfit Marquis of Vaudeville, A Clockwork Wonderland, is to be held this year at Curtain Club/Liquid Lounge in Dallas, TX on January 22nd. It is a single evening steampunk mini-con with Vaudevillian variety performances comprised of curious carnival, circus, and cabaret elements, as well as burlesque, pirate, and other strange musical menageries. There will be an impressive and quite extensive display of the inventions and creations made by two of the most prominent Texas airships, Airship Isabella and Airship Nocturne, an exotic bazaar featuring trinkets and curios to purchase and peruse made by many of the local Texas Steampunk artists and sellers.  A superfluity of spectacular spectacles and astounding attractions, all tangled within a venue decorated to create an aperture of escape into a twisted Wonderland.

Featured Attractions Include:

~The Astounding Sideshow Astonishments & Startlements of Circus della Morte~
~The Beguiling & Bewitching Burlesque Stylings of Femme Vivre LaRouge~
~The Magnificent Mechanical Marionettes of House of Mob~
~The Voodooistic Vibes & Shamanistic Shanties of Master ‘Bones’ Jangle the Trans-dimensional Pirate~
~The Dissident Automated Doll & Objet D’art Jai L’bait~
~The Hypnotically Haunting Melodies of Amanda Terese~
~The Mesmerizing & Mystical Sitar of Sarasvati Bodhisattva~
~The Curious Carnival Capers & Dauntless Daredevil Deeds of The Circus Freaks~
~The Prophetic Prognostications & Precognitive Device of Dr. Zoso~
~The Widgetous Newfangled Gadget & Contraption Arrayal~
(Featuring Airship Isabella & Airship Nocturne)
~The Eldritch Aether Trinkets & Curios Bazaar~
~The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade~

and of course a performance with new musical mischief by Marquis of Vaudeville!

Tickets are $15 at the rabbit hole
Advanced Tickets: $12 + $2.75 service charge
Advanced ticketing is currently available at Front Gate Tickets

To get involved, or for dealer inquiries, gadget show inquiries, or if one would like their airship or vessel to be a part of the The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade, Please contact: mov@marquisofvaudeville.com


I’ve already purchased my ticket for this event, and I hope you will consider doing the same if you live anywhere within driving distance of Dallas. This promises to be a wonderful event, and I hope to see many of you there!

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook and/or the Steampunk Empire.

Steampunk Events in 2011

As 2010 draws to a close tonight, it’s time to start planning your adventures for 2011. 2010 was a great year for Steampunk and from the looks of events already being planned, 2011 is going to be be an even better year.

Before I started blogging, I always seemed to find out about events too late to attend or after they had happened. This, of course, didn’t really help me to get out to Steampunk events and meet people. To help you make those all important plans, today’s post is a quick list of all of the major Steampunk conventions of which I am presently aware in the works for 2011. I’m sure more information will follow as the events approach, but this is just to help you start planning for another year of Steampunk adventure.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, but these are just some of the many Steampunk conventions in the works for 2011. It looks like it’s going to to be an adventure filled year!

Steamcon Updates

There’s  a little it over a month left before the start of Steamcon II, Weird Weird West, but there are some deadlines that are rapidly approaching for anyone who is still entertaining the idea of attending this event.

You can still buy your registration, and ticket prices as listed will remain as such until November 7th. Make sure you buy ahead of time, however, because last year they sold out entirely, and it would be terrible to find yourself in a similar situation this year.

Event tickets are now on sale for those who have bough their registration to the convention. This includes events such as the Abney Park concert, the fashion show and tea party, and a seat at the first annual Airship Awards.

Hotel Rooms blocks are all booked at the Marriott, but there’s still space at the Hilton to reserve a room for the event. And don’t worry, even though Steamcon was originally held at the Marriott, the Hilton will still have cool people staying there, myself included! The Hilton will host panels, the art exhibition, the concert and much more. The low convention rate will only be available through October 29th, so act now.

Though a complete schedule of events has not been entirely hammered out, Diana Vick has posted a rough outline to the Steamcon forums which I found helpful in planning my various ensembles for the weekend. She said:

Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to hammer out all the details of a conventions schedule. We won’t be able to put that up until just a week or two before the con. I can tell you a few things, but even they may change. The con starts Friday at noon. There will be plenty of things going on from then until Sunday around 4:00 when we officially stop. The art show, vendors room, panels, games and many more things will be going Friday-Sunday. On Friday night there will be a Riverboat Gambler Night, a banquet and a dance along with other things. On Saturday night there will be a cotillion, a concert and lots of other things. I hope that helps you to some degree.

There’s also been talk of a Landing party on Thursday and a wake on Sunday evening for people (like me!) who intend to come early and leave late.

Additional Date Change Date for Nemos Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night

Attention East Coast Steampunks!

I recently received word that there has again been a change of date for Nemo’s Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night, an event hosted by SteamPuffin and 5 Wits-Patriot Place in Foxboro MA.As of September 19, the date for Nemo’s Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night has yet again been changed. The new date is set for Saturday, February 5th, 2011. The Steampunk exhibit will still be OPEN by November 6, 2010 — so you are still welcome to visit the exhibit on November 6.

Same location, same amazing event, just a different date. If you’d like to read all about the event, you can check it out here.

Sorry about all the date changes, folks. Hopefully the February date is the final one.

New Date for Nemos Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night

EDIT: As of September 19, the date for Nemo’s Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night has yet again been changed. The new date is set for Saturday, February 5th, 2011. The Steampunk exhibit will still be OPEN by November 6, 2010 — so you are still welcome to visit the exhibit on November 6.

Attention East Coast Steampunks!

I recently received word that there has been a change of date for Nemo’s Steampunk Art and Invention Gallery Opening Night, an event hosted by SteamPuffin and 5 Wits-Patriot Place in Foxboro MA.

So, the new date for the event is on November 6, 2010. Same location, same amazing event, just a different date. If you’d like to read all about the event, you can check it out here.

I really wish I could somehow teleport myself to the East Coast for this event, but I’ll be finding myself on the other side of the nation later that month.  I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited about my first trip to Seattle and attending to SteamCon. I recently put the finishing touches on my formal outfit for the cotillion, and I literally went to bed that night wanting it to be SteamCon RIGHT NAO.

I’m really curious if any of my wonderful readers are planning to attend as well! Please don’t be shy… I’d love to meet you! 🙂

Steampunk Illumination Society

Attention all DFW area Steampunks! Tomorrow at 3PM at the Generator in Garland marks the first ever meeting of the Steampunk Illumination Society. The SIS is a fledgling group of local Steampunks interested in connecting with each other and improving the local Steampunk scene. I plan on being in attendance I would be honored to meet some of my fellow readers there as well. This is the first large gathering of local Steampunks since A-Kon and thus, not an event to be missed.

The Steampunk Illumination Society has its own website and forums through which one can connect to local Steampunks.

The Generator’s address is 107 North 6th Street Garland, TX 75040, and you can find their website here. I can personally vouch for the tastiness of the beverages and food (at least, of the fare that I sampled!), so don’t feel like you have to eat before you arrive. Plus, it’s always a good thing to support local businesses, especially those catering to our Steampunk sensibilities.

It remains to be seen as to what this group will hold for local Steampunk, but one cannot know without attending! I hope to see you tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla

Today marks the 154th birthday of one of the most Steampunk of history’s inventors, Nikola Tesla. To celebrate the birthday of the man who became the quintessential mad scientist and whose life has such an incredible influence on Steampunk (and Dieselpunk), I’ve a number of Tesla themed goodies for your personal enjoyment.

First, to get this party started, we need some drinks! To help us concoct some crazy, Teslas inspired beverages, I’ve turned to Tesla Lives!, to help us make some “Teslatinis”:

Tesla Lives! Cocktail
Submitted by Claudia Egan (Nikola Tesla Enthusiast), Milwaukee
2 oz part Slivovitz
2 oz black cherry soda
Pop rocks
Lime wedge
Glow in the Dark Ice Cube

The Death Ray
Submitted by The Palms Bar and Bistro, Milwaukee
1 part Jagermeister
1 part Goldschlager
1 part Dark Rum
1 Part Sambuca

Electric Blue
Submitted by MOCT Bar, Milwaukee
1 part Island Ble Pucker
1 Part Kettle One Citron
Lemon Juice
Simple Syrum

Click here to check out more information about their current contest to discover the latest Teslatini recipe and to submit your own creation!

For tonight’s musical entertainment, I’d like to suggest Clockwork Cabaret’s podcast celebrating Tesla’s birthday from 2008, which you can download here.  Clockwork Cabaret’s weekly show “Music O’ Gears for Steampunk Ears” occurs every Monday at 11pm EST on WCOM 103.5 Carrboro/Chapel Hill. You can listen live online at http://www.wcomfm.org, or pick up their podcasts here if you are an old lady like me that has to wake up very early for work.

After we’ve had drinks and music, how about a film that includes Tesla in its casting? For such entertainment, might I be so bold as to suggest The Prestige, a film starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, and features a Nikola Tesla played by David Bowie (win!)? This is an incredible Steampunk movie with lots of dark and mystifying elements as two magicians attempt to outdo each other to create the ultimate illusion.

Sounds like an excellent night! Here’s to a night of revelry to honor the scientist history should have never forgotten, Tesla!

SteamCon Forums

More SteamCon updates, yay! Can you tell I’m excited?

The forum for SteamCon II is now open. For everything from arranging for rides and room mates, to having all your con questions answered and meeting some of this year’s con-goers, you’ll find lots of information on the forum as it gets off and rolling. Things are a bit quiet there right now, but be patient and give it some time. It’s sure to evolve into a wonderful resource for all things SteamCon.

I have a feeling I’m going to be hanging around there quite a bit as the countdown timer on my computer ticks ever closer to SteamCon. If you’ve had a nagging question about the con, this is a great place to go to consult fellow con-goers and organizers.

Also, just as a friendly reminder, the prices for SteamCon memberships go up on July 1st. This is you last opportunity to register for your tickets as the cheapest price available before they start to climb throughout the summer and fall. So go reserve your tickets straight away! You’ll be glad you did.