Cooking with Abney Park

Many members of the HMS Ophelia’s crew are self-proclaimed foodies. With the recent addition of Joshy Goering to the ranks, the ratio of gustatory connoisseurs to non has been definitively swung in favor of the gastronomes. Fortunately, Captain Robert is also one of the band’s epicures, because every time the band gets together for a rehearsal, he cooks dinner for the crew.

In a recent stretch of boredom before the evening’s rehearsal, the Captain decided to film the creation of one of his signature dishes, Pulled Pork sandwiches, and has posted it online for your culinary delight. Watch it below:

Busy people will particularly appreciate the small amount of prep work involved in the creation of this recipe. Remember people, crockpots are your friend.

And if you’re looking for the perfect sauce to go with your tasty dish, feel free to take another page from the Captain’s cookbook and brew up some of your own Infamous Pyrate’s Blood sauce.

Steampunk and Victorian Food

With the holidays soon upon us, that means it is time for food. And not just any food. We’re talking grandiose Thanksgiving dinners that served for ten that could easily serve 50.

Yes, November and December is a time of gluttony, and if you’re going to be doing all that cooking anyway, you might as well make it Steampunk, right? Right.

Fortunately, horizonchaser over at LiveJournal has gone through a monumental undertaking to guide you through the process of Steampunking your holiday culinary experience. Her impressive article entitled Steampunk and Victorian Food is chock full of period recipes and tips for creating that perfect holiday meal. Some of them are a little stranger than others, so I’ll leave it to your culinary discretion to pick out those that are the tastiest and least likely to freak out your guests.

As an important asside, since we are talking about food, it’s important to mention manners. Remember that your guests may have certain dietary restrictions which may complicate their desire the fully partake in the festivities. Be sure to give everyone lots of options. Everyone loves food, but no one likes being surrounded by food and having nothing to eat. So be a good host and consider your guests!

Over the Crescent Moon: Steampunk Party Food

A while back, I covered Fuel for the Boiler, a Steampunk cookbook put together by the Steampunk community over at Brass Goggles. It’s quite a treat as it has all sorts of recipes for creating Steampunk entries. It’s also free to download the electronic copy.

Fuel For the Boiler is designed not to be a “corny” presentation of Steampunk cuisine. It’s definitely more along the lines of what Steampunks could eat on a daily basis as and not die of malnutrition.

But for a child’s Steampunk party, it’s okay to get a little goofy with the presentation and go overboard with gear shaped junk food.

Like This

Crescent Moon, from the blog Over the Crescent Moon,has a post on a series of recipes that she created for her son’s Steampunk birthday party. From zeppelin candy to marshmallows transformed into top hat treats, this is great “cute” munchies for the younger Steampunk audience because it replicates many quintessentially Steampunk items like gears, airship, and top hats.

And since that was precisely what Fuel for the Boiler was trying not to do, you won’t find any of these sorts of recipes in the cookbook. Fuel for the Boiler is about discovering a Steampunk cuisine, not about trying to incorporate the look into the food.

But for those looking to replicate the Steampunk look for a child’s party or other casual Steampunk function, Crescent Moon’s recipes are an interesting reference tool.

Captain Robert’s Infamous Pyrates Blood Sauce

A day late for 4th of July barbecues, I’m afraid, but I wanted to share this wonderful recipe from the good Captain Robert, lead singer of Abney Park for “the meat of something that died.” Win!

Captain Robert’s Infamous Pyrates Blood Sauce
1 cup stolen red wine (dry),
1 shot of rum (cook drinks)
4 tbs Red Wine Vinegar,
1/2 cup molasses,
1 cup ketchup,
2 tbs Dijon Mustard,
1 ts Chili Powder,
2 tbs Worchestershire Sauce,
1 ts Celery Seeds,
1 ts Kosher Salt,
1/2 ts Curry Powder,
1 ts Ground Cumin,
1 tbs Cayenne Pepper
1 tbs cooks own blood,
1 diced habanero

“Simmer till thick, spread on the meat of something that died, that you then cook over an open flame. Eat, receive praise.”

I can’t wait to try this out! It sounds delicious! Thanks Captain Robert!

For more updates from Captain Robert, be sure to check out his Live Journal account.

A Steampunk Breakfast

If there’s one thing that is universally true, its that everyone loves pancakes. They are a fabulous way to start any morning before going out adventuring. But how to make sure those delicious flapjacks are sufficiently Steampunk?

Four Pounds Flour is a blog dedicated to old fashioned recipes and cooking. And, you know what’s the thing about old recipes that are still around? They’re really good. I love that Four Pounds Flour does such a good job of adapting old recipes for the modern kitchen while remaining true to the original end product.

A little while ago, Four Pounds Flour featured pancakes on their website, and provided recipes for three different flavors of delicious pancakes. There’s Apple, Clove and Rose Water, and Pumpkin Cornmeal Pancakes.  These things sound so good, I doubt they’d need something like maple syrup or butter to make them delicious, but should you need a sauce for them, there’s a recipe for a white wine or brandy based sauce that you can make that’s also included in the post.

Those look amazing! And cooked on a hearth fire too! Awesome!

If you’re itching to cook something a bit different, Four Pounds Flour is a great resource to consult. Let me know if you find something on their site that you’ve cooked. I’d love to see/hear about the result!

Trilobite Cookies

After I spent a lovely day at the tax office, I went home and did some therapeutic baking. This got me thinking about Steampunk baking and a particular treat I’ve had bookmarked for a while now

Trilobite Cookies!

These things are almost too cute to eat, but I can assure you that they are delicious. Please click on the picture to go to the original site which has the complete recipe and preparation instructions.

I don’t remember how I stumbled on to this site, but Professor George Hart has some great creativity.

I’d highly recommend these at any Steampunk get together. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed!