The Sculpture of Pierre Matter

Pierre Matter is a French artist who creates stunningly elaborate Steampunk sculpture that blends the natural and industrial into something of beauty. Here’s some of his works:

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Recently, Mr. Matter did a number of interviews that better explains how and why he creates what he does better than I could. Here’s the first one:

Magic Matter: An interview with the French sculptor Pierre Matter is an interview conducted by Silvia-Alexandra Zaharia & Adrian Ioniţă. It’s available to read in English, French, and Romanian. The interview is nine pages of questions, answers, and photographs and does a wonderful job of illuminating the work Mr. Matter does. Go check it out!

After you’ve read up on Mr. Matter, make sure to visit his website to explore his virtual museum, stay up to date on news, and peruse his shop for a new piece or print to add to your collection.

La Mécanique du Cœur

La Mécanique du Cœur, or The Mechanics of the Heart, is the 6th album of the French band Dionysos and the first to be self produced. The album, along with the corresponding novel by the same name in French, and known as The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart in English, tell the story of young Little Jack.

Born in Edinburgh in 1874 on the coldest day in the world, Little Jack is born with a frozen heart which the midwife, Docteur Madeleine, replaces with a cuckoo clock to save the boy’s life. The clock successfully replaces his heart, but Madeleine warns him to “not touch the hands[of the clock], control his temper, and most importantly, never ever fall in love” or else the clock will explode through his skin.

The tale of Little Jack through a multimedia presentation of music, music video, and the written word is a unique and really rather outstanding presentation of this dark, Steampunk influenced tale. Here’s the music video of their single on the album, Tais Toi Mon Cœur.

If you want the translation to the song, please click here. Be careful though, the music video is something of a spoiler, so if you are interested in reading the book or experiencing the album in its entirety before seeing the video, proceed with caution.