Steampunk Wedding Tuxedo

A dear friend of mine is soon to be wed was talking about the relative ease her groom had in selecting his wedding attire when compared to herself. This conversation started me thinking about what a Steampunk gentleman might wear to his wedding. There’s only so much one can theoretically do with a tuxedo, right?


Alright, gentlemen. Allow me to tell you something. This tux is hot, and that’s saying something from me because I generally don’t care for light colored formal wear. I’m sure that this dapper coat would make all the ladies who witnessed you wearing it swoon.

The gorgeous tuxedo coat is a one of a kind creation by ManicManx, who specializes mostly in frock coats with a Victorian edge. As this coat is already made, not something on commission, do make sure to check your personal measurements before ordering this garment. It also might be a good idea to ask ManicManx if she has any left over fabric that the coat was cut from to see if she might make you matching tux slacks… I don’t know if she has any or not… it’s just an idea!

You can learn more about ManicManx though her website and blog. For more pictures of her previous work, visit her Flickr account here.