DIY Vintage Ladies Hairstyling

Back when I was first getting into Steampunk, I was faced with the conundrum of trying to decide how to style my hair in a sufficiently retro-punk fashion. It’s a lot harder than it seems on first glance. Everything I found seemed to lean in too much towards one look, and finding a balance between those two aesthetics was increasing frustrating. I finally got to the point where I simply decided to let my hair be as it is inclined to be on its own: long and naturally curly. Victorians loved their curls, and the fact that my hair just comes like that seemed good enough reason to me to just leave them be.

But for most people, curls aren’t something that comes with genetics. It takes a lot of product, pinning, and patience to get that perfect look, and when you don’t really know what you’re doing, it makes the whole process considerably more frustrating. And trying to explain to a hairstylist precisely what you want can sometimes be hit-and-miss, and almost always expensive.

My dear friends at Sepiachord have come to your rescue, though! They recently added a DIY Vintage Ladies Hairstyling section to their website, which instructs you on how to create a Basic Curl, a Pin Curl, and a Scripture Curl.

There’s also useful information to help you get that perfect style though creating and overlapping curls. Check it all out here.

And stay tuned tomorrow, when we’ll cover vintage hairstyling for men, also brought to you by our friends at Sepiachord.