Steampunk Headphones

The role of music in Steampunk is a profound one. Though it is not the only facet of our subculture, it is one which can easily reach out to people and give them a taste for what Steampunk is. I know that I have given the citizens of Dallas more than their fair share of Steampunk music as I cruise to and from work. There’s nothing quite like blasting Airship Pirate with the windows down to help soothe the mind when trapped in traffic and throwing up the “Rock On” sign to anyone who gives me a look.

Unfortunately, and contrary to natural belief, there are some times when keeping your music to yourself is the appropriate thing to do (yes, even if said music is Steampunk music). In keeping with the requirements for those social situations, I’d like to direct your attention to a particularly useful and simple Instructable for DIY Steampunk Headphones.

These are a simple and visually appealing solution to those times when you cannot blast your music. At they very least, anyone who sees you wearing this Steampunk masterpiece will realize just how cool you are (or wonder what antique shop you pilfered them from).