Steampunk Corset Instructable

There’s some aspects of Steampunk fashion that I’m happy and able to make myself. Corsets, however, was one particular item that I always approached with some caution. There’s a lot of important internal organs being compressed as the corset laces are tightened. A poorly constructed corset would not only be uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous.

Corsets are, however, a staple to the feminine Steampunk wardrobe and knowing how to make them is a wonderful skill and knowledge to have. A recently published Instructable does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to construct your very own corset.

Written by lw119, this instructable provides great visual and textual steps for the creation of your own corset, which is fantastic because making your own corset means you can choose any fabric and color you desire. It even has video!

Constructing a corset according to this Instructable will run you an inexpensive 30 to 50 USD, though plan on more if you have to purchase the necessary tools to get the job done.

Ascot Instructable

The ascot is one of those details of mens wear that goes largely disregarded by today’s fashion sensibilities, making an occasional appearance for a morning wedding or semi-formal event.

Ascots are an excellent accessory for Steampunks, however, and today I’ve found for you an Instructable on how to make your very own. Now you can have that perfectly colored ascot to finish off your latest Steampunk ensemble.

This Instructable is written by furtographer and features plans for your ascot to be reversible so you can wear the same ascot with a variety of different emsebles.

After you’ve made you ascot, learn how to tie it by visiting the Cravat Company’s instructional and visit Wikipedia for an interesting summary on the history of the cravat. To keep that ascot in place, consider making your own tie tack or purchasing one from the very talented Daniel Proulx of Catherinette Rings.

Steampunk Portable Harddrive Case

I’ve been spending more time than usual on Instructables admiring all the projects that are starting to stack up as tinkering takes a back seat to packing up my most prized effects and selling everything else.

One thing I won’t be selling is my portable hard drive. It’s my computer’s lifeline should something horrific happen to it. It sits in a rather boring protective case that looks a lot like this:

Very fancy, I know.

But to be honest, I’d never really thought to redesign my hardrive case… I mean, there’s so many more things that need modifications before my case does.

But, if you happen to be at that stage in your Steampunk life where you need to start modding things like your hardrive case, I would like to offer up this Instructable:

This awesome mod is brought to you by nevets_mcd.

Wooden Steampunk Lamp

It’s been a while since I posted an Instructable, so today’s is a DIY project for a Steampunk lamp created by elco_chan.

This project is really neat because it uses the wooden gears on the side as the dimmer switch for the light. Very creative!

This is a pretty involved project, and you need a respectable amount of woodworking tools to get the final project as pictured above, but it’s a neat little lamp you can create. If it was my lamp, I’d add some finishing touches like painting the socket with some brass leaf paint and perhaps staining the wood to a nice dark cherry or mahogany.

And if you’re envious of his carved gears but don’t necessarily want to make this lamp, you’ll find the Gear Template Generator he used to be especially helpful for your other Steampunk pursuits.

And, if you like elco_chan’s lamp project, make sure to check back with him on occasion. He’s already promised another Steampunk instructable in the near future.

Steampunk Racer

A new addition to the impressive collection of Steampunked bicycles made its debut last month in Holland for charity.

This penny farthing tricycle won best technical construction for it masterful execution and Steampunk style. It seats three people, one at the top and two on either side at the bottom. You can read lots more about it at Walyou.

I think penny farthings are basically the coolest bicycles ever. If you do too, you’ll be happy to know that Mars on Instructables is the the process of creating a penny farthing on his own and his posting pictures and instructions as he goes along. See it all here. If you are less technically inclined but still must have one of these contraptions, there are many places that still sell antique bicycles, tricycles, penny farthings, and boneshakers including Rideable Bicycle Replicas.

Miss Betsy’s Steampunk Keyboard

Steampunk is a subculture which is united by the internet. Without it, many of us would be delving into our steam-driven worlds in solitude unaware of the subculture that so completely embraces your love of corsets and Sci-Fi.

It is of little wonder, then, that the keyboard should play a major role in the lives of Steampunks. It’s a key mode through which we communicate and should, by any good Steampunk rationale, be properly Steampunked so as to inspire Steampunk brilliance.  And perhaps, for some strange reason, Jake Von Slatt’s keyboard did not quite meet your aesthetic needs. Allow me then, to introduce an impressive alternative to the Von Slatt keyboard, Ms. Betsy’s Steampunk Keyboard.

Fantastic. And just different enough from the Von Slatt keyboard for a different, though still decidedly Steampunk look. I really like the red velvet wrist rest and the copper tubing at the top.

The instructions to make this keyboard are on Instructables, one of my favorite sites for all things DIY. Many thanks to my friend for sending me the link to this keyboard. He always manages to find things I don’t online. He’s like an internet ninja.

If you like Miss Betsy’s keyboard, take a look at her Steampunk mouse Instructable for the perfect new accessory to your Steampunked computer.


How I’ve managed to write this blog for as long as I have an overlook today’s website is completely beyond me. I have no excuse, not even ignorance, to claim as a valid reason for not introducing you all to this much sooner.

Nevertheless, I’d like to take this moment to finally introduce you all to Instructables, one of my favorite haunts on the web.

This website is all about the Do-It-Yourself mentality, and just like the title of the website implies, this place is the best resource on the web to learn how to make nearly anything your heart desires. A quick search of the website for the term “Steampunk” turned up 20 pages of search results at 13 Instructables per page. That’s 260 hits of just items tagged with the term Steampunk that you can learn to make for yourself.

And really, when it comes to the Steampunk mindset, there’s nothing quite like a gadget made by the wearer. I know not all of us are deft with their hands, which is why we have such wonderful places such as Etsy to shop at, but for those of us that just need a little direction in their quest to mod the ordinary into something extraordinarily Steampunk, Instructables is the place to be.

Do you have a favorite Steampunk Instructable? Let me know in the comments!