Slightly Steampunk: Mini Cannon

Today, I have a surprising little invention for your amusement, the Mini Cannon!

This minute weapon packs a surprising punch. I certainly would not want to be in its line of fire. Maybe the maker of this cannon could use it on the person who made the soundtrack for the video…

Now, if only this cannon came with these:


All this talk about pirates and cannons reminds me that Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19th, so mark your calendars and start getting ready for one of my favorite holidays. It’s on a Sunday this year, which slightly disappoints me because I won’t have a reason to talk like an (airship) pirate at work, but it’s probably for the better. I work in an office with a lot of people from many different countries, so I doubt it would be fully appreciated, let alone comprehended.

The Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers

For those of you who have a passion for invention, I have a special treat. The Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers is a web-based society for Steampunks with a flair for invention. It’s all about exchanging ideas between inventors of like-minded aesthetics to collaborate and create high-quality Steampunk gadgets.

If the thought of perfectly synchronized cogs combining to form an orchestra of engineering races your (steam) engine, The Antiquitarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers is the place for you. This is the perfect place to trade ideas and hunt down advice from people who understand the love of Steampunk technology without geographical limitation.

Why start a project without the insight of these expert Steampunk engineers? The concept itself seems suddenly absurd!

Update July3, 2010: It appears as though the website for The Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers ( has been shut down. It’s really quite a shame because it was growing into quite the respectable resource. If I discover it comes back online, however, I’ll be sure to let you all know.