There’s so many apps and extras for the iPad nowadays that I could easily just spend all my time writing about all the different apps that claim to have some element of Steampunk in them. The newly released game, Panopticon, however has caught my attention not only for its Steampunk elements, but also for its revolutionary multi-touch gaming system, supporting up to 8 simultaneous points of contact.

Panopticon has a Steampunk influenced storyline and features music by Vernian Process.

The challenging thing about this game is maintaining all your points of contact as you attempt to manipulate the various discs in their destinations. One slip of a finger, and they all go back to where you started.

Panopticon for iPad is available now for $1.99 in the App Store.

iPad Dock

IPad owners will be especially happy with the topic of today’s blog post. Ever wish that your boring charger for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone was a bit Steamier?

Consider that wish granted.

This dock, created primarily for the iPad, but able to accommodate all the various iDevices (including iPhone 4) is the product from the same mind at Old Time Computers. The brass arm is fully adjustable and is able to used while your device is still in its protective case. Like all creations at Old Time Computers, the dock is unique and entirely hand made. It’s also the first one of this model to to created, so it’s a true original.

The dock can be yours for just 129.00 USD plus shipping.

A Christmas Carol for the iPad

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the holiday season’s classic pieces of literature. Along with The Night Before Christmas, it’s one of those works of literature that embodies the holiday season. Dickens’ work is the foundation behind so many Victoriana inspired events, from Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, TX to Dickens Faire in San Francisco.

Times change, though, as to modes of story telling, so today’s post features the newest forms of an old classic, A Christmas Carol for the iPad, with a Steampunk twist! Check out the trailer for this re-imagining of Dicken’s tale:

I think this is all kinds of neat, and if I had an iPad, I would definitely be downloading this like, right now. Here’s the link if you wish to do the same.