Recycled Steampunk Keyboards

Steampunk has a very strong green element to it. From guerrilla gardening to rescuing antiques to repurpose them. Today’s post features some amazing Steampunk keyboard mods, all of them created from the bits and pieces of what was once junk in an article from 1800recycling, a website dedicated to all things recycling.

May of these mods will be familiar to many of you, but to see them all in one place with a mini tale on the creation of each keyboard is really neat. Fair warning, though: the article is very image heavy and many be a burden on slow or spotty connections.

All these impressive mods makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s like falling in love with Steampunk and the Maker Ethic all over again.

Victorian Organ Command Desk and Steampunk Home Tour

Jake Von Slatt seems to discover the coolest items in the world of Steampunk. Like this Victorian Organ Command Desk created by the people who run ModVic Home Restoration, Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum:

That’s a salvaged antique organ that has been turned into a computer desk. Amazing work from the Rosenbaums. This piece announces their offshoot company, Steampuffin, described by the Rosenbaums as “a website being developed that will offer unique ‘Steampunk’-inspired architectural salvage and antique items, project ideas and modified Steampunk Victorian modern appliances and inventions to high-end Steampunk enthusiasts, home restorers and designers.”

If that doesn’t get you excited, I simply don’t know what will.

But if you are like me and are thrilled to pieces at the sight of this Command Desk and remember my old post about the Rosenbaum’s Steampunk inspired home, you will be thrilled to know that they are opening it up for a pubic viewing on Sunday, May 2 from 1 to 4 PM. The house is in Sharon, MA, so if you live on the east coast (or your life will be incomplete without viewing this home) I sincerely recommend paying the paltry 20 dollars to see this house in person.

Advance order tickets can be purchased at the Museum, 16 High St. Sharon, MA 02067.  Checks should be made payable to the “Sharon Historical Society.” On the day of the tour, tickets will be available at all five of the homes, and at the Museum. You can call the Society at 781-784-9966 or Gary Sullivan at 617-974-1141 for more information.

Maker Profile – Jake Von Slatt

A while back, I featured a post on Jake Von Slatt’s first project to go viral, the Do It Yourself Steampunk keyboard. One of the things I love about Jake Von Slatt and his website is that he puts up tutorials of all the work he does so that other people can either re-create or be inspired by his creation techniques.

Browsing YouTube, I found this wonderful video of Jake Von Slatt and his perspective on Steampunk modding as well as the Steampunk culture. Have a look-see below!

What a fantastic person and inventor! Steampunk is quite fortunate to have him among our ranks. He has such a great perspective not only on modding, but also what Steampunk means to the people it embraces.

And, if you are suddenly struck by the need to see Jake Von Slatt in person, you’ve just given yourself another reason to join me and your fellow Steampunks in Seattle for SteamCon 2010. I’d love to see you there!