Steampunk II

The sequel to Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s Steampunk, Steampunk II Reloaded has be released.

Like its predecessor, Steampunk II Reloaded is an anthology of Steampunk works by some of the Steampunk world’s most well known authors. For those who are wishing to learn more about the literary inspirations behind Steampunk as a genre and subculture, there’s no better way to get a wide range of exposure in a short period of time than by reading short fiction.

Reprints account for a large portion of Steampunk II Reloaded’s content, but there are some original stories as well as non fiction articles that comment on Steampunk. The full list of stories, and their authors, is below:

Original stories:

  • Ekaterina Sedia, “Two Short Excerpts from the Russian Book of the Improbable”
  • Jeffrey Ford, “Dr. Lash Remembers”
  • Matthew Cheney, “Confessions and Complaints of a True Man”
  • Ramsey Shehadeh, “The Unbecoming of Virgil Smythe”
  • Vilhelm Bergsoe, “Flying Fish (Prometheus)”, translated by Dwight R. Decker
  • As well as contributions by Fabio Fernandes, Brian Stableford, Jess Nevins, and the Steampunk heretic known only as “The Mecha-Ostrich.”

Original Non-fiction Articles by:

  • Gail Carriger, author of Soulless (fashion and fiction)
  • Jake Von Slatt of the Steampunk Workshop (maker movement)
  • Mike Perschon, the Steampunk Scholar (the future)


  • Daniel Abraham, “Balfour and Meriwether in the Adventure of the Emperor’s Vengeance”
  • Stephen Baxter, “The Unblinking Eye”
  • Winona Cookie, “The Unlikely Career of Portia Dreadnought,” “Artemesia’s Absinthe,” and “Obadiah Theremin, MD”
  • G.D. Falksen, “The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday”
  • William Gibson, “The Gernsback Continuum”
  • Samantha Henderson, “Wild Copper”
  • Caitlín R. Kiernan “The Steam Dancer (1896)”
  • Andrew Knighton, “The Cast-Iron Kid”
  • Marc Laidlaw, “Great Breakthroughs in Darkness”
  • Margo Lanagan, “Machine Maid”
  • Lisa Mantchev & James Grant, “As Recorded on Brass Cylinders: Adagio for Two Dancers”
  • Shweta Narayan, “The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar”
  • David Erik Nelson, “The Bold Explorer in the Place Beyond”
  • Cherie Priest “Tanglefoot”
  • Chris Roberson, “O One”
  • Margaret Ronald, “A Serpent in the Gears”
  • Catherynne M. Valente, “The Anachronist’s Cookbook”

You can purchase Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded from Amazon.

Steampunk Bible Roughs!

Jeff VanderMeer, the editor of an anthology of short stories entitled Steampunk, is hard at work again, this time on a collection of the Steampunk subculture entitled the Steampunk Bible he is co-authoring with S.J. Chambers. Though I wish they would have chosen a less religiously bound moniker for this compilation, it looks to be an impressive collection of the subculture’s many beautiful and unique facets.

So the rough designs for the Steampunk Bible arrived recently, and VanderMeer has started pouring over them to ensure the layout for the tome is to his liking. You can read all about it here on his blog post.

The Steampunk Bible’s anticipated publication date is set for May of 2011, and features contributions from, among others, Jess Nevins, Libby Bulloff, Bruce Sterling, Desirina Boskovich, Jake von Slatt, Rick Klaw, etc. Those interviewed for the book include Sean Orlando, Scott Westerfeld, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Evelyn Kriete, Ekaterina Sedia, Dexter Palmer, and more.