Steampunk Typewriter Stickers

For all of you out there who are not using a Von Slatt or Datamancer computer for your computing needs, I have something very special for you tonight to help you cope with the plastic presentation of the mass produced.

To hide some of that appalling, mass produced facade, may I suggest these…

This is a sticker set from the French boutique, Les Invasions Ephémères, that specializes in the whimsical and unique in decorating. For your laptops, there is a set of gold or pink typewriters stickers that are sure to add a defining touch to your computer until you can afford or learn to mod your own Steampunk computer.

Please click to above photo to visit Les Invasions Ephémères’ collection. To find the computer decals, click “Computer Decals” and then choose either PC or Mac Keyboard sets. You will then find the options for your settings which will include the pink or gold typewriter stickers.

Personally, I wish this sticker set was expanded to include the number pad on my laptop, but for those that either do not have one or would not be bothered by the inconsistent look of the keys as I would be, these stickers are perfect. You can purchase them on the website for 18.00 €.