Gatehouse Gazette 18

Gatehouse Gazette is a bi-monthly Steam and Dieselpunk publication that illuminates a different facet of the subcultures with each issue. Their most recent issue, number 18, just recently hit virtual shelves and will be of particular interest to my readers who are interested in exploring Steampunk as a lifestyle.

This edition has all sorts of goodies for those of you interested in exploring Steampunk as a mindset and way of life.  The entire publication is worth your attention, but Jacqueline Christi’s article entitled “Explorations into Steampunk Lifestyle” is a particularly interesting analysis of Steampunk as a subculture. Do be sure not to miss it.

Within Gatehouse Gazette #18, you’ll also find two wonderful interviews, a review of the recently released film Suckerpunch, and some wonderful columns. Here’s the contests for this release:

  • Bennett, A., “Evening,” 11-13
  • Brackley, I., “Gents,” 18-19
  • Christi, J., “Explorations into steampunk lifestyle,” 5-8
  • Davia, L., “Interview with The Laboratory of Time,” 20
  • Heyvaert, H., “Review: Sucker Punch,” 10
  • Heyvaert, H., “L’enfer, cést les autres,” 15-16
  • Heyvaert, H., “The Steampunk Wardrobe,” 21
  • Parkin, J., “Interview with The Sanguine Gryphon” 14-15
  • Rauchfuß, M., “Steampunk home decor,” 9
  • Wilson, T., “The Lost Generation,” 17

Click here to download #18. It’s free to read, so enjoy!

Gatehouse Gazette 17 is Here

The Gatehouse Gazette has just released its seventeenth edition of its bimonthly publication. Issue 17 features a focus on the Jazz Age:

Although this issue is firmly entrenched in the the times that birthed Dieselpunk, there’s still some articles here that will interest Steampunks, particularly The Steampunk Wardrobe by H. Heyvaert. This issue promises to be of interest to retrofuturists across all eras, however.

This Gatehouse Gazette is for the good times! The age of Jazz and flappers; aeroplanes and deco skyscrapers, all reaching for the skies. The world was roaring in the 1920s and at the Gazette, we remember the era with a splendid collection of articles this issue.

And while not Steampunk in its composition, I was particularly impressed by the article The Philosophy of Dieselpunk by L. Amyett. Articles like these play a huge role in defining Dieselpunk as its own genre that stands separate from Steampunk. The insight within the article illuminates Dieselpunk in such a way that will offer an excellent introduction to its inspirations, historical roots, and mindset. Well done!

You can download the 17th issue of the Gatehouse Gazette for free. The Gatehouse Gazette publishes on a bimonthly basis, so be sure to check back regularly to learn more about their developments for each new issue.

Gears Technology Magazine

Gear Technology Magazine is a bi-monthly publication catering to those whose livelihoods and interests depend on gear driven tech. It is, for the most part, a highly technical magazine with article titles like, “Point-Surface-Origin Macropitting Caused by Geometric Stress Concentration.”

But within the most recent issue is something sure to be of interest to Steampunks. In it, the addendum features an article entitled, “Gears – Subculture Chic” and it’s all about Steampunk and the ongoing exhibition at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.

To read the entire article, please click here. For the entire issue of the January/February 2011 issue of magazine, please click here. And if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, you’re sure to find lots more information regarding gears and modern technology on their website.


The Concordium

There’s a new Steampunk magazine that hit shelves in select book stores across the nation last month, The Concordium.

This magazine is produced by United States Navy Journalist-turned-Art Director Steve Kimball (a.k.a. Phineas J. Foxx). It chock full of interesting articles and photographs sure to delight Steampunks of all interests and backgrounds. It’s an impressive 64 page full color publication, though there is little information on the website itself as to what is in the magazine. There is, at the very least, an article on the recent Alice in Wonderland film and coverage of the Steampunk World’s Fair.

The Concordium is presently distributed through a national independent magazine distributor to get copies to all of the major bookstore chains and outlets, though independent ventures catering to Steampunks can buy the magazine in whole-sale bulk prices here. Individuals can get personal subscriptions to a year of the Concordium for a paltry fifteen dollars here.

Steampunk Magazine Issue 7 Released

The Seventh issue of Steampunk Magazine, New and Future Worlds, has now hit digital shelves and is available for your free enjoyment in electronic form.

You can click the above cover art for a link to the announcement of the 7th edition and a link to download it for free from their Downloads section. There, you can also find an iPhone/Reader optimized edition for 1 GBP if that’s how you prefer to take in your media. If, however, you are old-fashioned like me and love the written word inscribed to paper, a paltry 5 dollars will get you the magazine in print through the store here at Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.

I’m very excited about this issue because it talks a bit about a topic I’ve yet to discuss here (though I have many personal ideas on the issue) politics and Steampunk.

I’d like to know what you all think about the political aspect of Steampunk and how Steampunk, if at all, influences your political identity. What role does Steampunk play in your activity in politics, who you vote for, and/or what policies you support? Can there be a unified political identity among serious Steampunks and what do you think that would look like?

I, of course, have my own thoughts on this, but I’d love to hear what you all think. If there’s enough interest, I’ll write my own article on this topic.

Steampunk Magazine #6

Steampunk Magazine is a semi-annual periodical with an entirely Steampunk focus. It is published online under the Creative Commons license and is available for download free from their website.

Steampunk Magazine #6 has hit the virtual shelves!

Issue #6, “The Pre-Industrial Revolution” is packed full of entertaining interviews and articles which are sure to delight. It includes an interview with Ghostfire, a Steampunk band from the UK, a wonderful collection of poetry and an article on the power of the Romantic authors and poets. There’s even an article on alchemy which is not to be missed. #6 is Steampunk Magazine’s largest issue to date, which certainly indicates that Steampunk is at present alive and well.

If you liked what you read in the sixth issue of Steampunk Magazine, previous editions are available for your procurement in the downloads section of their website. There, you can also find Steampunk Magazine’s publication, Steampunk’s Guide To The Apocolypse, which is also free to download and is an obvious essential to any Steampunk hoping to survive the coming apocalypse and thrive in the new, post apocalyptic Steampunk world. You can also purchase the book for five dollars from their site, if you prefer a bound copy for the library, rather than just printing it out. Visit their downloads section and scroll all the way down (past the first issue) to find your survival guide!