Digitally Fabricated Steampunk Goggles

All you Steampunk Makers out there have quite likely heard of MAKE Magazine, a do-it-yourself magazine loaded with all sorts of projects for your amusement. If you haven’t, please check out their website. I think you will like what they have to offer. Although they are not a solely Steampunk undertaking, their projects can certainly inspire the Steampunk inventor to craft his or her own contraptions.

MAKE Magazine also has its own blog and recently did an impressively in-depth article on artist Matt Borgatti’s digitally created Steampunk goggles.

This article stands out to me because it goes into considerable depth about the creative and technical process for creating a pair of truly unique goggles. I was particularly impressed by the concept of digitally designing the goggles.

And for all of you who are covetous of Mr. Borgatti’s goggles, you’ll be very happy to know that his designs for the goggles are open source. You can find all his 3D files, leather patterns, and some stitching instructions on Thingiverse. He also created some files that are ready to cut through Ponoko (for sale), and prepped all the goggle hardware for 3D printing over on Shapeways.