Masks by Jen

Masks by Jen is another merchant on the floor at A-Kon that truly captured my attention. Masks have always been an article of clothing which has fascinated me after I first read The Phantom of the Opera back in sixth grade. The many cultural and spiritual uses for masks over the centuries of human existence is positively fascinating. There’s no piece of human adornment that has such incredible transformative powers as a mask.

If you all read my A-Kon overview post, you know that I did not elect to go to the masquerade. I was far too busy getting autographs from Abney Park and hugs from Nathaniel to actually make it to the dance. I had anticipated this, and thankfully stuck to this plan of action, because I came to A-Kon without a mask. If I had not been so firmly set on Abney Park autographs, the Masks at Jen’s booth would have surely swayed me to attend in one of her masterpieces.

That’s just one example of the many remarkable masks that Jen has produced. I really like that the masks are made from durable leather so their sure to last and survive being thrown in a suitcase for transportation. My favorite of hers is her Phoenix mask… it’s just stunning!

Jen is also another local artist to the DFW area. You can read more about her here.  Unfortunately she does not have a schedule of events so we may know where she will turn up next, but her website more than sufficient to handle a purchase should you wish to buy one of these wonderful masks.