Steampunk Nintendo DS Mod

Today, I’m following up on a request by one of my readers to help him in his quest to mod his Nintendo DS. This request comes on the heels of a number topics he has asked for help in preparing for SteamCon II, and while I was going to refer him to The Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers to peruse their knowledge database, I sadly discovered their site is down.

So! A modded DS… Yes, let me see here… *rummages around the internets*

Ahah! Observe!

But perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “No, no, my dear Audelia. That’s a cigar box, not a Nintendo DS. Look! It even has the Republic of Cuba stamp.”

But then, I open it up and…

It’s perfect! This DS was modded bysteampunk10. You can check out the post that announces the DS’s completion here on his blog, but I think modders will find his post far more interesting and useful with regards to creating your own modifications. There, you can find a bit more information about the materials used to construct the modded DS.

So, I hope this helps! I’ll be looking into resources for my reader’s other requests as I come upon them. And for all the rest of you, if you ever need help trying to find Steampunk info, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you in your search.

Top Hats

Cut Out and Keep is another one of those Do It Yourself websites that attracts a lot of Steampunk projects. In May, I featured a fun project on Steampunking your composition notebooks. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. It’s absolutely worth looking at, especially for all those Steampunk students are out of school with time on their hands for the summer.

Another simple Steampunk project caught my eye on their site, and I thought you all might like it brought to your attention. This particular set of instructions features recommendations on how to create your own Steampunk Hat.

The directions are simple enough. Like any well executed project, the real work is in the planning.

What I really like about this particular page, however is the assortment of hats that the instructions have inspired that can be viewed below the instructions. Every one is markedly different from the others, giving a small glance into the personality of the owner and their personal flare of Steampunk.

So, if you don’t have a Steampunk hat yet, or are looking to dress yours up, this tutorial (but more so the pictures) might serve some inspiration! Happy modding!

Old Time Computer

Computers are an important part of our modern lives. They make it so much simpler to do work, play, and to socialize. They are, however, hardly works of art. The average computer is not a work of art. It is simply utilitarian, made of various plastics to keep productions costs down. The Steampunk computer, as you all are well aware, is one that is concerned equally with function and fashion. In Steampunk utility does not mean a lack of beauty.

Old Time Computer is a small, independent operation by “woodguy32” who specializes in the modification of Mac computers, keyboards, mice, and iPhone and iPad docking stations.  Needless to say, if you have any needs for a Steampunk Mac, this is a great place to purchase it.

He’s even got laptops among his repertoire of modified computers which is excellent for Steampunks on the go.

If you would like to explore the many products offered by Old Time Computer, you can visit there main website or their Etsy Store for examples of the excellent work by woodguy32.

Steampunk Typewriter Stickers

For all of you out there who are not using a Von Slatt or Datamancer computer for your computing needs, I have something very special for you tonight to help you cope with the plastic presentation of the mass produced.

To hide some of that appalling, mass produced facade, may I suggest these…

This is a sticker set from the French boutique, Les Invasions Ephémères, that specializes in the whimsical and unique in decorating. For your laptops, there is a set of gold or pink typewriters stickers that are sure to add a defining touch to your computer until you can afford or learn to mod your own Steampunk computer.

Please click to above photo to visit Les Invasions Ephémères’ collection. To find the computer decals, click “Computer Decals” and then choose either PC or Mac Keyboard sets. You will then find the options for your settings which will include the pink or gold typewriter stickers.

Personally, I wish this sticker set was expanded to include the number pad on my laptop, but for those that either do not have one or would not be bothered by the inconsistent look of the keys as I would be, these stickers are perfect. You can purchase them on the website for 18.00 €.

Steampunk PS3

Today, I’ve got a very special modification for you all, a Steampunk PS3 by Herr Doktor.

This PS3, found on the Brass Goggles blog, is beautifully rigged for the Steampunk gaming experience. Who wouldn’t want to bring this baby to a gaming party with a few friends? For me, it would give the added bonus of distracting them from my atrocious console gaming skills (I hate those damn controllers).

This PS3 was a prize awarded at the release of the Western Steampunk game, “Damnation,” along with this PC by Jake Hildebrandt, which is ridiculously awesome.

If all this modification has got you interested in the game itself, you can learn more about Damnation here. I’m very sorry to say that it has not gotten positive ratings by the critics, but if you are interested, don’t let them stop you!

Miss Betsy’s Steampunk Keyboard

Steampunk is a subculture which is united by the internet. Without it, many of us would be delving into our steam-driven worlds in solitude unaware of the subculture that so completely embraces your love of corsets and Sci-Fi.

It is of little wonder, then, that the keyboard should play a major role in the lives of Steampunks. It’s a key mode through which we communicate and should, by any good Steampunk rationale, be properly Steampunked so as to inspire Steampunk brilliance.  And perhaps, for some strange reason, Jake Von Slatt’s keyboard did not quite meet your aesthetic needs. Allow me then, to introduce an impressive alternative to the Von Slatt keyboard, Ms. Betsy’s Steampunk Keyboard.

Fantastic. And just different enough from the Von Slatt keyboard for a different, though still decidedly Steampunk look. I really like the red velvet wrist rest and the copper tubing at the top.

The instructions to make this keyboard are on Instructables, one of my favorite sites for all things DIY. Many thanks to my friend for sending me the link to this keyboard. He always manages to find things I don’t online. He’s like an internet ninja.

If you like Miss Betsy’s keyboard, take a look at her Steampunk mouse Instructable for the perfect new accessory to your Steampunked computer.

Mike Libby’s Insect Lab

Steampunk is full of wondrous contradictions. It stands at the crossroads of science fiction and fact, the man-made and natural, and forges a unique subculture from the ensuing chaos.

And that’s precisely why I love Mike Libby’s art:

(c) 2008 Mike Libby

That’s an actual exoskeleton of a dragonfly that has been modified with watch parts and other minute pieces of technology to give this specimen a unique, Steampunk flair. Add to this amazing art the knowledge that the collection of insect specimens was incredibly popular during the Victorian times, and you have the basis for some truly outstanding home decor!

Mike Libby has individual specimens for sale here. While they are not cheap, their ability to impress and the singular nature of these works insure the wisdom of this art investment. Animal lovers will be happy to know that he uses only non-endangered specimens for his work. And, like all of my favorites artists, Libby does unique designs for those customers with personal desires and ideas for a commission. Spectacular!

Admire the work but don’t have the budget to purchase an original of Libby’s? Consider a print of your favorite modified creature.

I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like Libby’s work, and at such stunning detail. He is clearly a master craftsman who understands the important connection between science fiction and science fact.