A Steampunk Breakfast

If there’s one thing that is universally true, its that everyone loves pancakes. They are a fabulous way to start any morning before going out adventuring. But how to make sure those delicious flapjacks are sufficiently Steampunk?

Four Pounds Flour is a blog dedicated to old fashioned recipes and cooking. And, you know what’s the thing about old recipes that are still around? They’re really good. I love that Four Pounds Flour does such a good job of adapting old recipes for the modern kitchen while remaining true to the original end product.

A little while ago, Four Pounds Flour featured pancakes on their website, and provided recipes for three different flavors of delicious pancakes. There’s Apple, Clove and Rose Water, and Pumpkin Cornmeal Pancakes.  These things sound so good, I doubt they’d need something like maple syrup or butter to make them delicious, but should you need a sauce for them, there’s a recipe for a white wine or brandy based sauce that you can make that’s also included in the post.

Those look amazing! And cooked on a hearth fire too! Awesome!

If you’re itching to cook something a bit different, Four Pounds Flour is a great resource to consult. Let me know if you find something on their site that you’ve cooked. I’d love to see/hear about the result!