Papercraft Steampunk Warwalker and Phillip Valdez Masks

Yesterday, I was forwarded this picture of a Steampunk Warwalker by my internet ninja friend. It is a submission by Phillip Valdez for 1000 Steampunk Inspirations, an upcoming book by Barbe Saint John (which is accepting submissions until June 1, so if you want to submit something, hurry!). It’s really an impressive work, but the fact that this contraption is made entirely from paper, glue, and paint just blows my mind.

Simply astounding what a person can do with paper, paint, and glue. Which, naturally, got me wondering what other sorts of projects Mr. Valdez undertakes, which let me to his website and blog, wherein I found such marvels as:

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Oh my… these are AWESOME! So dramatic and delicate, these masks would be sure to be the center of attention at a masquerade. I’m a big fan of the last three masks that represent cards in the standard tarot deck. The death mask is stunning, especially when offset with the black and red of the model’s attire. I want one of these so badly. Nevermind that transporting it to any function would be a pain and that I would probably spend the entire masquerade worrying about someone tearing my mask…these are beautiful! And this is just a small sampling of Mr. Valdez’s incredible talent.

Too bad the masquerade for A-Kon happens right after the Abney Park concert and requires formal wear. There’s just no chance that I’d change out of my Steampunk attire and go to the masquerade rather than pass up the opportunity for some autographs and to chat with Abney Park after the concert. Perhaps they’ll have a masquerade at SteamCon…