Twelve Steampunk Sonnets

Between blogging, emails, and other side projects I do a lot of writing over the course of any given day. The written word is quite possibly my favorite medium through which to communicate, and I invariably lean to prose rather than poetry.

Some people, however, are bewilderingly talented at creating poetry. The mechanics and rules that structure a well composed poem just comes naturally to them, and they’re able to conjure up vivid images in amazingly few words.

Roz Kaveney’s Twelve Steampunk Sonnets from her personal blog, Silence Exile and Crumpets back in November is a poetical response to the belief that Steampunk had “played itself out.” Her responses are as intelligent as are they are evocative. Click here to read my favorite one, entitled Vengeance on Tor.

To read all twelve steamy sonnets, visit Tor and enjoy these pieces as part of National Poetry Month. And if you enjoy Ms. Kaveney’s work, be sure to poke around her LiveJournal further where you will find magnificent poetry from a wealth of topics and inspirations.

D.J. Enright – The Typewriter Revolution

It’s strange what texting, microblogging and the internet has done to the English language. Perhaps never before have we been subject to as many acronyms and abbreviated words than at present. The butchery of our language is not, however, a new thing. The poem, The Typewriter Revolution written by D.J. Enright in 1920 shows one perspective on how the typewriter was received when it made its debut. The poem’s wit and applicability to the seemingly unstoppable downward spiral of our language struck me as suitable for a Steampunk audience.

Without further ado, The Typewriter Revolution:

The typeriter is crating
A revlootion in peotry
Pishing back the frontears
And apening up fresh feels
Unherd of by Done or Bleak

Mine is a Swetish Maid
Called FACIT

TAB e or not TAB e
i.e. the ?
Tygirl tygirl burning bride
Y, this is L
Anywan can od it
U 2 can b a

C! *** stares and /// strips
Cloaca nd + -
Farty-far keys to suckcess!
A banus of +% for all futre peots!!
LSD & $$$
The trypewiter is cretin
A revultion in peotry
" "All nem r =" "
O how they pound away
Without a.

FACIT cry I!!

Did you catch all of that?