Steampunk PS3

Today, I’ve got a very special modification for you all, a Steampunk PS3 by Herr Doktor.

This PS3, found on the Brass Goggles blog, is beautifully rigged for the Steampunk gaming experience. Who wouldn’t want to bring this baby to a gaming party with a few friends? For me, it would give the added bonus of distracting them from my atrocious console gaming skills (I hate those damn controllers).

This PS3 was a prize awarded at the release of the Western Steampunk game, “Damnation,” along with this PC by Jake Hildebrandt, which is ridiculously awesome.

If all this modification has got you interested in the game itself, you can learn more about Damnation here. I’m very sorry to say that it has not gotten positive ratings by the critics, but if you are interested, don’t let them stop you!