The Airship Awards Nominations are Open

Since Steamcon II, the Airship Awards has been an event to recognize the best and most outstanding in the Steampunk subculture. In the inaugural awards banquet, some of the most influential Steampunks were recognized for their contributions to the community, including Jake Von Slatt, the creators of Girl Genius, Alan Moore, Captain Robert and Abney Park as a whole.

Nominations are now open for this year’s Airship Awards are now open for a variety of categories.

My dear friend Jordan Bodewell of Sepiachord has announced his desire to be nominated for the Aural Award which encompasses, “Any aural piece of work, including but not limited to: Bands, songs, musicians, music videos, etc.”

I would like to enthusiastically endorse his quest for this nomination. Jordan and Sepiachord does much for the Steampunk music genre and the many talented and independent artists within it. If you happen to value the wonderful work that Sepiachord does for Steampunk music, please consider going over to the Airship Awards nominations section and writing in Sepiachord into the Aural category.

And while you are there, make sure to make worthy picks for all the other sections. Steampunk has so many wonderful facets, so it’s hard to pick just one representative for each category, but follow your heart and pick the best by your judgement!

Steampunk in Seattle: Blackbird Orchestra This Weekend

For those of you who attended Steamcon II, you might recall a performance by a particularly talented band called Blackbird Orchestra. They closed out the cabaret on Sunday afternoon with some absolutely amazing music.

If you happen to be in Seattle tomorrow and wish to replicate that experience, head down to Fuel tomorrow evening for a performance from the Blackbird Orchestra, The Sins, and Lena Lou.

Tomorrow’s event is a 21+ event. Cover is $7 at the door which is a fantastic deal for Blackbird Orchestra by themselves, let alone two other bands.

To learn more about Blackbird Orchestra, please visit their main website where you can peruse their blog, read about the band, and score some awesome Blackbird swag at their store.  To learn more about tomorrow’s performance and to RSVP, please visit Facebook. I’m planning on being there, and I hope you will be too!

SteamCon II : Steamphunk Synchronic

Even though it’s been months since the end of Steamcon II, there’s still reports and material from the event still trickling in. Today’s blog post features a report done by N’Specter Phillips and Special Agent Cummings of Steamphunk Synchronic, an online magazine focusing on Steampunk events in the greater Northwest.

Ah, it brings back some wonderful memories! If you look closely, you can even see a tiny glimpse of me in the video! Many thanks to Veronique Chevalier, who brought this report to my attention.

Plans are, of course, already underway for this year’s Steamcon, Steamcon III- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. 

The Steampunk Exhibition Ball

While the Steampunks of Texas will be climbing down the rabbit hole for the Clockwork Wonderland, Steampunks in Seattle will be enjoying another night of revelry at the Museum of History & Industry for the Seattle Steampunk Exhibition Ball.

There will be all sorts of exciting entertainment, from a gaggle of local bands and musicians and hat and mustache competitions, to an absinthe bar and mad scientists!  And rumor has it that there will be dancing too!

The Steampunk Exhibition Ball is a benefit for the Center for Sex Positive Culture. The CSPC is a 501(c)7 dedicated to providing a safe place for adults to explore their sexuality.

Tickets for this year’s Steampunk Exhibition Ball are $25 for general admission, and $75 for general VIP admission which grants access to the VIP lounge, VIP waiter for queue avoidance and gift bags. The $95 Premium VIP Passes that granted up-close parking and performance seating have been sold out, so get the tickets you want fast!

5 Places to Enjoy Steampunk

Steampunk is everywhere nowadays, it seems like, but some places are definitely better than others as far as the local scene is concerned. An article in SFGate recently listed five excellent places one could venture to in an effort to enjoy Steampunk. Though hardly a complete list and leaning heavily on the opportunities on the West Coast in the US, it is an interesting article to see what made SFGate’s top five.

And the winners are:

  1. The Edison in Los Angeles
  2. The Museum of History and Industry in Seattle
  3. Device Gallery in San Diego
  4. Maker Faire in San Mateo County
  5. Gas Works Park in Seattle

It should come as little surprise that Seattle was listed twice in a highlight of Steampunk must-sees, but I sincerely feel as though they have missed some big events.

I think Burning Man is a definitely one place to enjoy the maker aspect of Steampunk that should get a nod. What about the Kinetic Steam Works over in Oakland, CA? And really, there’s nothing worth mentioning in Portland?  I find that hard to believe. What places and events would you add to this list?

Steampunk New Year’s Eve

If you happen to find yourself in Seattle this night before New Year’s Eve pondering how you should spend tomorrow night, allow me to recommend an excellent opportunity for Steampunk revelry, Abney Park’s Steampunk New Year’s Eve.

For a mere 30 dollars preordered, or 35 at the door, you can enjoy an evening of the best in Steampunk entertainment from aerialists and firebreathers to Unwoman and Abney Park. What better way to bring in 2011 than with everyone’s favorite airship pirates? There’s not one.

The Steampunk New Year’s Eve is being held at Studio Seven at 110 South Horton Street, Seattle, WA 98134. The doors open at 8 PM. It’s also a 21 and over event, so the minors will have to stay home for this one.

Personally, I’m planning to spend New Year’s with my beloved airship crew in a small gathering. How are you going to bring in 2011?

Photos from Steamcon II

Today marks a month (already?!) after the close of Steamcon II and while I’d drifted through the past 30 days in a post-convention daze, people have been uploading photos of their own convention exploits to the Flickr photo pool. There’s some great photos here. For those interested in seeing a bit of the convention events, the fashion, or the wonderful people who attended, this is a great resource for having a peek into Steamcon II.

Personally, I’m really glad to see that so many people have contributed to the pool. I got so excited about being at the convention that I didn’t take nearly enough photos of everything that happened while I was there. By the same token, I sincerely doubt I would have taken enough photos to be thoroughly satisfied with the number of photos I did take. At a convention where positively everyone is well dressed, photo opportunities abound.

There’s over one thousand photos in this collection, so kick back with a cup of tea and some steamy music and relive some of Steamcon II.

Vodpod videos no longer available.