League of STEAM – “Big Trouble”

My favorite team of Steampunk supernatural and ectoplasmic eliminators just released another video! Hooray! Observe as they confront a dangerous troll under the old bridge!

And they all lived happily ever after (I guess?). Who would have guessed a pair spectacles could solve so many problems?

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Mr. Bojagi starring Brian Blessed

I have for you all another very special short video, Mr. Bojagi. This award winning short film is enjoying a brief run on Dailymotion.com were you can view it for free, but only for a short ten days. I don’t know when the ten days started, so I suggest you visit the site straightaway to see this wonderful short film.

I really enjoyed this film. The universality of its themes is what really struck me. I think that there is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t have a family member who doesn’t and won’t try to understand him or her on their own terms. For me, it is my grandmother. We’ve never seen eye to eye on anything, and I think it would be wonderful if there were people like Mr. Bojagi to open her eyes to the way I truly am, rather than the way she wants me to be.

I thought to cinematography, acting, and costuming were all superb. Apparently, there’s been a feature length script of Mr. Bojagi written, and they are waiting to judge the initial reception of the short film to determine if a feature length film would be a wise venture. So, if you loved Mr. Bojagi, make sure to drop them a note telling them you enjoyed it. You never know, we may see a feature length film in the future if the reception is a wholly positive one.

You can read more about the short film on Mr. Bojagi’s webpage, found here.

EDIT: As of right now (May 25th, 2010) you can still see the short film on their Facebook page by clicking on one of the embedded copies of the film via DailyMotion.

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

This evening, I have for you a wonderful story about how the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz came to be: Heartless The Story of the Tin Man by Whitestone Motion Pictures. It’s a bit of a tearjerker, though, so have a well-stocked box of tissues nearby when you watch this wonderful short film. Make sure to turn up the sound… some of the dialogue was a bit quiet for me.

Part Steampunk, part fantasy, this film is fantastic and very well made. It restores my faith in short films after the disappointment that The Anachronism was. I really enjoyed the costuming for Heartless, and the whole concept of the Master Tinner is just brilliantly Steampunk.

I feel that this could have easily been a feature length film and still kept my attention. And oh dear, it was so sad… at least it ended on a good and hopeful note.

You can learn more about the film at Whitestone Motion Pictures on their website, where you can watch many production videos and also download the soundtrack for the film for free (yay!). You can also follow Whitestone Motion Pictures through their Twitter feed here.

The Anachronism

This is a short film I’ve been waiting to show you all for a while now. It was supposed to make its web debut on the 17th of April, and when it didn’t surface as scheduled, it’s eventual appearance got a bit delayed. Here it is now, The Anachronism, a short film by Mathew Gordonlong about two young aspiring naturalists who happen upon an incredible discovery:

This film won 6 Leo awards, including the coveted Best Short Drama. I really like the cinematography of the film and the props are breathtaking.

I found the ending somewhat dissatisfying, though. Short film, just like short stories, are hard for me to get into because I find they have ended just when I am getting to know a character and the world that they live in. The resolution in short works is often sudden and often leaves me wondering, “So… why did you stop?” or “That’s it?”

That feeling really hit me hard with The Anachronism. Unlike a past short film that I featured, La Main des Maîtres, which left me with the feeling of possibility that the world might change in the future, this film left me feeling disappointed in the failure of the children to act. Why didn’t they do anything? Why  were they not called to adventure? The missed opportunity bugs me, but perhaps that is the point. Still, I don’t like it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Nevertheless, the film is beautiful and worth a watch on this lovely Saturday evening.

Steam Trek

Tonight I present to you a moving pictures production by Ad Hoc Film Soc, Steam Trek! As the name suggests, it is a Steampunk parody of Star Trek, and… well, I don’t know… it’s just ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, perhaps? You tell me.

I’m really wondering… what the heck is with that coal? O_o

I apologize for the low quality of the film, but you can find a clearer version on the maker’s website here. For production notes, stills, credits and making-of info click here for Steam Trek’s blog.

Adventures of the League of STEAM – “Fool’s Gold”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Tonight I have a special St. Patrick’s Day themed post featuring the moving pictures work of The League of STEAM.

Well done, entertaining, and featuring some handsome Steampunk gentlemen! What more could you ask for? More? Well then, be sure to subscribe to the League of Steam’s YouTube channel so as to not miss any of their future adventures. Their old “New Moon Vampire Hunt” video is not to be missed, as the League of STEAM hunts down vampires at… well, you should just watch. It literally made me laugh out loud at the awesomeness.

And, do be sure to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day safely and responsibly!

Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum

Tonight I present for your viewing pleasure another segment in my continuing series in Steampunk short films. Please sit back and enjoy the thrilling and award-winning tale of Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum!

This film is just goofy enough to be entertaining, and for a student made film with a student budget, it’s really quite well made. I think the film does a wonderful job of capturing the stylistic elements of silent film and presenting it in a fashion that was true to the inspirational source. Even the piano music is perfect for the style.

The film was directed by Ryan Kightlinger and written by Dustin Fletcher and Mr.  Kightlinger.  You can click here to read a bit more about it on IMBD.