Bill Lear’s Steam Car

Today’s post is a semi-retro post from Popular Mechanics that was first published in April 1969. Years ago Bill Lear, the same man who invented the Lear Jet, proposed a design for a steam powered car.

There’s a lot of proposals as to why this idea was never developed. Everything from a lack of interest to a conspiracy against the gasoline powered auto-manufacturers. Many people seem to believe that Lear’s basic idea should be able to work. In fact, there’s even a Steam Car Club of Great Britain that was formed in recognition of the ever increasing interest in steam cars and the need for a standalone club dedicated to that need.

The article on Bill Lear’s steam car is, naturally, a bit dated, but it’s still an interesting read to learn more about steam technology in automobiles. Fortunately, the article isn’t overly technical, so even if you have a passing interest in this topic, you may find it enlightening.

A steam powered car would be the epitome of a Steampunk modified automobile. Though I love my car, a steam powered car would be completely awesome.