Heron Steam Turbine

The concept of steam power had been around long before the nineteenth century. Hero of Alexandria made a simple steam powered device known as an aeolipile in the first century AD. The problem was, however, that it appears as they didn’t really do anything with the technology that actually stuck, forcing us to rediscover Steam power during the industrial revolution.

For more information on Hero, here’s a documentary on him that discusses many of his inventions:

Putting aside the thoughts of what Steampunk might look like if the age of steam started nearly two thousand years before it actually did, you can enjoy a bit of history by building a simple steam turbine similar to the one Hero created following this easy Instructable.

If you’d prefer to buy a fancy smancy one (and you call yourself a Steampunk! Tisk tisk…) you can buy one here.

Guns of Icarus

There’s yet another Steampunk themed game for your amusement, this one called Guns of Icarus by the independent developers at Muse Games. In Guns of Icarus, you play an as the captain of an airship running cargo through hostile skies.

This is a decent looking game that has been browser based for a while. You can click here to preview the game to see if it is to your liking. If I wasn’t so deeply into my current MMO and was into areal combat simulators, this game would have me irrevocably attached to my computer. I like the fact that it has both a single player campaign and a multi-player option; having these options keeps gameplay fresh and interesting.

Guns of Icarus is now not only available to play in your browser, but can also be purchased through Steam, a fine purveyor of computer games, and the world’s largest gaming platform. There are both Mac and PC versions of Guns of Icarus for you to download for 10 USD.

If you still aren’t sure about this game, allow me to encourage you to watch the trailer below: