SteamCon T-Shirt Contest

Calling all visual artists! SteamCon II is looking for an artist of impeccable talent and taste to design this year’s convention t-shirt. Here’s the low down on this contest taken from their Live Journal community:

Who is eligible: Anyone who wishes to submit a t-shirt design.
Deadline: Submissions must be emailed to by September 1st.
Design specs: Full color, Size: anywhere from 8″ x 8″ up to 8.5″ x 11″. Initial submissions should be jpegs of 100 DPI. The final art will need to be Photoshop files with the layers or bitmaps or tiff or comparable; at 300 DPI. We will request those of the winner after judging takes place. The shirt should say “Steamcon II” in roman numerals and a serif font. Any other text is optional, but it can have the date and “Weird, Weird West” as well. Designs will be printed on a dark colored t-shirt either black or dark brown, so take this in to account when designing.
Reward: A membership to Steamcon 2, a pair of concert tickets for the Saturday concert at Steamcon II, two free t-shirts and your name on the chests of steampunks everywhere! (If contest winner is unable to attend Steamcon 2, all rewards can be transferred to Steamcon 3 or they may receive current equivalent monetary compensation.)

If you have any questions, email

A membership and a pair of tickets to the Saturday night concert (which, for all of you who haven’t been on this SteamCon site, happens to be Abney Park)?!

*shakes fist* Why can’t I draw!?

While I already have  my membership in tow, I certianly wouldn’t complain about having tickets to the Abney Park concert before they go on sale to anyone else.  No, I don’t anticipate I would have a problem with that at all. So, for all you artists out there, go ahead and submit a design for their consideration. Best of luck!

And just so that you all know, I was halfway through a Microsoft paint project to show you all just how bad my t-shirt design would be, before I decided to spare you all the horror and me the humiliation. It involved a stick figure cowboy with a swollen gland on the side of his face very reminiscent of John McCain, and a terrible attempt at gear, that ended up looking more like a sun. So, yeah.

SteamCon Forums

More SteamCon updates, yay! Can you tell I’m excited?

The forum for SteamCon II is now open. For everything from arranging for rides and room mates, to having all your con questions answered and meeting some of this year’s con-goers, you’ll find lots of information on the forum as it gets off and rolling. Things are a bit quiet there right now, but be patient and give it some time. It’s sure to evolve into a wonderful resource for all things SteamCon.

I have a feeling I’m going to be hanging around there quite a bit as the countdown timer on my computer ticks ever closer to SteamCon. If you’ve had a nagging question about the con, this is a great place to go to consult fellow con-goers and organizers.

Also, just as a friendly reminder, the prices for SteamCon memberships go up on July 1st. This is you last opportunity to register for your tickets as the cheapest price available before they start to climb throughout the summer and fall. So go reserve your tickets straight away! You’ll be glad you did.

SteamCon II Couture

Ah! All this talk about conventions has gotten me incredibly excited for the next convention on my circuit, SteamCon II. I’ve already booked my flight and hotel for what will certainly be a thrilling week of Steampunk misadventure. In browsing through their site once again, I discovered that the Couture section of SteamCon’s website had been updated!

This year, there are going to be two teas and fashion shows. According to the website:

One tea will be a classic high tea with the fashion show focused on elegant evening wear and formal frocks. The other tea party will be more akin to the convention’s theme of The Weird, Weird West. This tea will be a leisurely and informal style. The accompanying fashion show will feature the rough and tumble edge of steampunk with a focus on men’s wear and utilitarian looks.

I’m more inclined to go to the high tea because 1) I don’t really care for American West Steampunk 2) I am not a man and 3) I’m always interested to see how people decide to enmesh the Steam and Punk aspects into formal wear. For me, Steampunk fashion is a combination of the two aspects, not just Steam, and not just Punk. Both are equally important to create our unique look and make us stand out from the Neo-Victorians. But that’s just me.

Anyway! The applications for both designers and models to be showcased in SteamCon II’s fashion shows are now online.

Designers, click here for your application. Models, click here. Please be sure to visit the Couture section of SteamCon’s website for the full listing of the their rules and expectations regarding your application and submissions. I do hope to see some of my reader’s and/or designs on the SteamCon II catwalk, so let me be the first to wish you all good luck!

Attention All Steampunk Artists and Merchants

The applications to have a booth at the rapidly approaching Steampunk event of the year, SteamCon II, are now online. If you fancy marketing  your wares or craftsmanship to a dedicated and passionate Steampunk audience, this is the single event you must attend.

Applications for both artists and merchants will be judged by the directors of SteamCon to ensure your product meets standards of quality, creativity, and relevance to Steampunk. Decisions on your qualification will take up to two months, so please be patient while they come to a decision.

Artists: The application for is here, and the policies can be found here. If you have questions or concerns, you can email

Merchants: The application form can be downloaded here. If you have questions please email

I’d love to see some of my very talented readers touting their wares at SteamCon, so make sure to get you applications in early. While space is technically free until November, it is concurrently free until filled, so do not delay in filling out your applications!

SteamCon II Registration is Now Open!

Registration for SteamCon II has now been opened, and I’ve got all the details about it right here!

Weekend passes to the event will be the only passes sold at pre-reg. There will be no one day passes sold online before the event. So, if you really want to go to SteamCon but are only thinking you will be there for part of the conference, I would highly recommend buying the weekend pass now and knowing that you have a ticket for whatever day you want to come. Additionally, one day passes will be just as expensive (if not more so) than pre-registering for the entire weekend now. So be smart and pre-register so you don’t risk being told the event is sold out.

Memberships to SteamCon are in a will-call style that you will pick up at the con itself. Nothing will be mailed to you. The following prices will be valid until July 1 through SteamCon’s Registration page:

Children under 6 – no charge
Full weekend teen (6-17) – $20.00
Full weekend adult (18 & up) – $35.00
Full weekend teen patron (6-17) – $220.00
Full weekend adult patron (18 & up) – $235.00

You may be wondering what’s the story behind the higher prices for the Patron level. It’s basically the level which allows SteamCon to have a bit more money upfront to bring you the greatest SteamCon yet. According to SteamCon’s Registration page, it grants the patron “a special exclusive gift as our thanks, as well as an opportunity to purchase special event tickets early, early seating for those events, a special reception with our participants and any other perks we can bestow throughout the Steamcon II weekend.”  To me, that’s worth the extra money, but that, of course, is for each of you to individually decide.

SteamCon: Update

Hotel reservations are now being accepted for SteamCon 2010! You can click here to go to the link for the two hotels hosting the convention to book a room in either the Hilton or the Marriott.

Yes, I said two hotels. Two hotels… full of Steampunks for three full days of steam driven activities. It’s going to be nothing short of mind-blowingly epic. Even though the main theme this year is American West Steampunk, rather than the more traditional Modern Victorian Steampunk, this is not an event to be missed. I’ve been assured that there will be plenty of events and activities to appease those of us who prefer ModVic Steampunk.

Needless to say, I have already booked my hotel room to this event, and so should you!

Steamcon: A Steampunk Convention

While I realize that the actual date for this event is rather far into the future, I thought that you all might appreciate a little heads up about this particular event.


Steamcon is a relatively new convention for Steampunks hosted in Seattle. It will take place on the 19th of November through the 21st, 2010. Online registration for the convention is not yet open for 2010 at the moment, but will hopefully open soon.

I wanted to let you all know about this event early so that should you like to entertain the idea of attending, you have plenty of time to arrange for whatever wardrobe and travel plans you might need to make.

Steamcon is really an exciting event because so much of what is new and innovative in Steampunk seems to be happening in Seattle. Abney Park is based here. Many well known Steampunk authors including Cherie Priest, the author of Boneshaker live in Seattle. There’s an incredible opportunity to meet all sorts of people who know and love Steampunk as much as we do. What an exciting prospect for a relatively obscure subculture!