Concubine Waltz Teaser

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet Joel Clayton, the sitar player for the band Sunday Driver earlier this year when he visited Seattle. I didn’t have much more than a passing familiarity with their music at the time of our introduction, and now all I can wonder is why I didn’t stumble upon them sooner.

He and the rest of the band have been hard at work lately, and they’ve released a new single for your enjoyment entitled Concubine Waltz. Here’s the teaser:

Like the track? Head over to their bandcamp site and download the new single. All proceeds from this download will go to fund their 2012 Tour and PR, so if you’d like to see them in your area, downloading this song is a great way to express your interest in their ongoing projects.

Concubine Waltz in the first single in Sunday Driver’s upcoming album The Mutiny. Be sure the check back to their website often to catch updates on the album and where they might be touring come next year.