Order of Nefarious Villains Card Set

Back in December, I posted about a new series of Steampunk art cards by artist Chet Phillips featuring Steampunk reimaginings of popular super heroes as the Union of Superlative Heroes.

But what’s a superhero without a nemesis? Mr. Phillips has rectified this problem with another set of comics inspired Steampunk art with his Order of Nefarious Villains Card Set.

Here’s Chet’s description of this new series:

The Order of Nefarious Villains serve as the evil counterpart to the Union of Superlative Heroes. Spawned from the dark recesses of spider pits and graveyard shadows, this collection of evil deviants inhabit the same parallel Steampunk Victorian universe as their heroic foes. 20 cards in the set, including the characters Professor Cephalopod, Sir Samuel Lodestone, Black Piranha, Feline Fräulein, Lord Venomous, King Congo plus 14 more. Each card showcases their portrait along with a brief description of their malevolent deeds, origins and abilities.

You can purchase the Villains cardset from his Etsy shop. While you are there, check out the Heroes and Steampunk Monkey Nation series as well.

Chet Phillips’ Steampunk Superheroes

Earlier in the year, I had the great pleasure of introducing you to a local Steampunk artist, Chet Phillips and his Sinister Simians line. I really liked the coloring book and prints he offered of his Steampunked primates.

Mr. Phillips is out with a new line of Steampunk images, this time using the super heroes of comic books as the inspiration behind his Union of Superlative Heroes series. What the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen does for Victoriana’s most famous literary personalities, the Union of Superlative Heroes does for the heroes of today’s comic books and graphic novels.

This card deck comes with the images and biographies of twenty Steampunked superheroes. Each card measures 2 1/4″ x 4″ printed in color both sides onto sturdy 14 pt.cover stock.

For any Steampunk and superhero fan, these are perfect for a treat. You can find out more about Mr. Phillips’ art by visiting his Etsy store and his website.