Sword Canes

A few days ago, I posted an entry about the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. One of the events at this event is a Bartitsu & Single Stick demonstration which will be sure to delight the viewers. Bartitsu is an English martial art developed between 1898 and 1902, and was immortalized by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Even the great detective himself was said to be a practitioner of this eclectic martial art, as mentioned in The Adventure of the Empty House.

Canes add a sense of distinction to any wardrobe, and their use as a self-defense tool makes them even more attractive. But why stop there? Cold Steel makes extremely high quality Sword Canes which are sure to please your sensibilities:

I love these sword canes, they’re the perfect combination of elegance and danger.

When I was in college, many of my friends were knife and sword snobs. They were very picky about what kind of bladed weapons they would buy and from what companies. While I personally haven’t bought anything from Cold Steel, I have handled their products and seen them in action. They are remarkably well made and battle-ready. You can see them in action on their page, just focus on the weapon and not the guy demonstrating it. I really like that the hidden sword is designed to come out with a good tug, rather than unscrewing it. Any martial artists knows that in a real battle, seconds matter; you will not have time to unscrew a cane from its sheath before an assailant is upon you.

Please note that these weapons are illegal in the states of California and Wisconsin. It is your responsibility as a potential owner of a lethal weapon to check your local laws for other stipulations which may affect the transport or use of a sword cane if you choose to purchase one. Please be a responsible owner.