Deadlands Comic to Hit Bookselves in June

This June, a new comic featuring the Role Playing world of Deadlands will be published by Image Comics. For those of you unfamiliar with the Deadlands world, imagine a mix of weird west, fantasy, horror, and Steampunk all thrown together for a gritty world set in the United States in the last quarter of the 19th century.

The original tabletop RPG was written by Shane Hensley and published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The comic is a collaborative effort by Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and others to write stories in the Deadlands comic world.

Click here to learn more about Deadlands in its original tabletop RPG incarnation. And this article from Amazon does a wonderful job of guiding you through the process of finding material for the game so you can run your own Deadlands campaign.

Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

One of the many things I love about Abney Park’s music is the escape from modern times and histories. The alternate universe that inspires their music is one of adventure, and you can’t help but get the sense that whatever you are doing is entirely more badass if Abney Park is playing in the background.

And perhaps you’re at a point where you need more adventure and badassery in your life. Lets say too that you love tabletop RPGs. Perhaps you even recently procured some Steampunk dice and are looking for the perfect event in which to start using them.

That event is coming in August of 2011.

Airship Pirates is an RPG based off the music of Abney Park by Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton. Check out the RPG’s description below:

Someone screwed the timeline up
It’s 2150. The Earth’s recovering from the Great Apocalypse of 1906.

From the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga come the airship pirates.You hoist the Jolly Roger, spin your propellers and take to the skies. Yours is a life of adventure, plunder and infamy.

The American wilderness lies below. Beast-haunted wastelands are criss-crossed by the tracks of the freedom-loving Neobedouins. Armoured railroads connect the Emperor’s widely scattered domains.

In the walled, fog-shrouded cities, people huddle in forced Victorian squalor, lorded over by the upper classes. The Emperor’s clockwork policemen patrol the streets and the ultimate threat of the Change Cage hangs over those who would rebel. Rising from the dockyards, the frigates of the Imperial Air Navy patrol the clouds, hunting pirates and threatening the sky-cities.

You’ve got an airship. You’ve got a crew. You’ve got one of Doctor Calgori’s fancy chronominautilus devices. All you need now is a good swig of rum (trust us, you’ll need it), and you’re ready to set sail on the winds of time and plunder history itself!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even screw up the timeline some more?

Sounds like fun! I’ll be sure to update you on this RPG more as the publication time nears and a date is set for it to hit the presses!

Steampunk Dice

This one time in college, I played an awesome D&D campaign. I was a Doppelganger Rogue and went around pwning everything. My character had a reputation for being ridiculously epic, because I always seemed to roll ungodly well. I knew why, though.

I had blessed dice.

It’s true! An ancient game master in Indianapolis who owned the store where my dice were purchased blessed them so they would always roll in my favor. And with those dice I proceeded to do all sorts of unimaginably awesome things because 1. I was a Doppelganger and no one in my party knew it (in and out game) and 2. I could get away with anything because my dice let me.

I’ll never give up those dice. Even in the fury of last week’s sale of all my worldly possessions, they were saved and will be making the trip up to Seattle with me in just two weeks.

But that’s not to say I couldn’t add to my collection of sacred dice… and I’ve already got my next set picked out:


These dice are almost as epic as my D&D skillz. But unfortunately, it seems they only come in D6s and D20s right now. How am I supposed to play a short sword wielding rogue without some D8s?

Clockworks Webcomic

Clockworks is a Steampunk webcomic that updates every Tuesday and Thursdays. Clockworks started as a loose retelling of the events of writer/artist Shawn Gaston’s homebrew Savage Worlds campaign, which makes today’s post the perfect follow-up to yesterday’s nod to the Lady Blackbird RPG. There’s so much creativity and imagination that gets poured into a table-top game, it’s only natural that stories emerge that are interesting enough to be told beyond the game itself.

The webcomic has been going strong for a year now, and Mr. Gaston expects that the story will take between five and ten years to tell, so readers will be able to enjoy this tale for a long time to come.

To see the first ever release of the clockworks webcomic, and thus work your way forward through the story, click here.

Steampunk RPG: Lady Blackbird

Lately, I’ve been discussing the virtues and downfalls of the various Dungeons and Dragons versions when the topic of a Steampunk RPG was brought up.

To that end, I’d like to present Lady Blackbird, a free quick-playing Steampunk tabletop RPG module for two to six people from One Seven Design. The story centers around Lady Blackbird, who is on the run from an arranged marriage aboard a smuggle skyship called the Owl.

The free download contains a starting situation, setting, pregen characters, and quick-play rules perfect for a no-prep game of 1-6 sessions or more.

To download this RPG and get to gaming, click here. Don’t forget to visit their website.

GRUPS Steampunk

If you are a nerd much like myself, then you probably have an ongoing love affair with D&D and other table-top RPGs. There’s nothing quite like the paper and pencil RPGs where you sit around a table with a few of your closest cohorts dreaming of vanquishing foes in a world concocted solely for your adventures.

Yes… I have my fair share of amazing D&D feats. Which is why this thrills me to pieces:

A company called GRUPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) put out an award winning book for a Steampunk world back in 2000, but it went out of print. Thankfully for all of us gaming nerds, however, the Steampunk book is not only back in print, but also available for digital download from GRUPS’s site. I particularly intrigued by how this book blends actual historical events with the “weird science” which so typifies Steampunk.

You can find the general rules for the GRUPS module here at e23 in a free PDF download. At their main site, be sure to check out their incredible section of books. I doubt there is a book missing from their impressive collection of possible worlds, technology, and peoples, making it a virtually limitless resource for a DM planning a gaming session!

Happy gaming, everyone.