Steampunk Time Machine

Everyone needs a time machine. I think that there’s a few times in everyone’s life that could be made better by a little reset button… like a stupid statement, a bad decision, a car wreck. Yeah, a time machine would be awesome.

Until we can figure out the finer aspects of time-travel, however, we will have to make due with the present limitations of technology. And if you’re still itching to build a time machine… any time machine at all, then I have a small offering for you that may temporarily satisfy the chrononaut within. Rather than bolts and wrenches, however, I’ll need to to take out your scissors and glue.

This is a papercraft “Train Time Machine,’ and believe it or not, it’s made entirely from paper. The plans to build your own time-hopping steam engine are free on the website Beginners of the art of papercraft should be aware that these plans are rather complex, and certainly not for the faint of heart or paper cut prone.

It looks like fun! Tedious, probably, but ultimately very fun, and very cool to keep about.