Unwoman’s Kickstarter: Uncovered Volume 1

One of the things I love most about Steampunk is the focus it puts on individual artisans and artists to create and the reciprocal support that these makers receive from the community itself. Another Steampunk musician has thrown a potential project to the financiers of Kickstarter, Unwoman. Her latest project proposal is an album entitled Uncovered Volume 1, a covers album of songs circa 1980-1995. Here’s what she has to say about why she’s asking for your support for Uncovered, via her Kickstarter.

I have been talking for years about a covers album. After 4 original full-length albums I think it’s time, but there are so many covers I want to do and so many different styles I play, it makes sense to do several collections.

This one is close to my heart: all of these songs are songs that were written between the year I was born and the year I turned 15. They all recall a specific juvenile or teenage moment of musical connection and identification. Recording them now that I’m a grown-up is particularly special.

And here is her video, explaining the project in further detail:

If you’d like to see Uncovered Volume 1 go from concept to reality, please consider pitching in to Unwoman’s Kickstarter.

And, as an important reminder, Kickstarter works on a pledge based system that only comes through for the artist if the baseline goal for the project is met. It takes many people to make something financed through Kickstarter a success, so do be sure to support it if this project piques your interest and share it with your friends!