Game Giveaway – Mechanism 3

In an effort to help you pinch the most out of those pennies this holiday season, I’d like to bring to your attention two free download websites, Give Away Of the Day, and Game Give Away Of the Day. These websites offer a new piece of software or game that can be downloaded for free on the particular day to which it is posted.

Today’s Game Give Away Of the Day is a Steampunk inspired physics based game called Mechanism 3.

The following is the developers introduction to the game (edited):

Mechanism 3 is the third instalment in the Mechanism physics-based puzzle series inspired by Splitter, which is available for the PC,Mac and soon the iPad, where players cut an incredible variety of shapes to save the world from time collapse. Immersed in a steampunk world with stunning visual design, Mechanism is pure eye candy. And with 80 unique levels and level-editor, we’ve packed in hours of entertaining and addictive fun.

So today, enjoy some Steampunk gaming freebies from Game Give Away of the Day, and be sure to check back often. They seem to have a decent offering of Steampunk influenced games for your daily entertainment.

Much Haste to Igford!

After yesterday’s penny farthing racer, I decided to see if I could find more Steampunk racing vehicles. While I didn’t immediately find any more Steampunk races going on (hmm… a Steampunk only bicycle-type race might be a really cool event) I did find a video game that is currently in development by Rich Morgan, a student at Swansea Metropolitan University.

Below is a video of Much Haste to Igford!, Mr. Morgan’s final project for his BA Creative Computer Design.

I think we can all see why this project earned him First Class Honors in his degree.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, do consider heading over to Mr. Morgan’s blog here. It’s a bit technical at times, but for those interested in Animation and Design, I think you will find it informative.

I hope this game finds a platform and is released for general public enjoyment. It looks like it would be fun!

Gameplay Trailer for BioShock Infinite

Last month, I was very happy to announce the creation of a new BioShock game, BioShock Infinite. The third installment of the immensely popular video game series is set in jingoistic Columbia, a Steampunk city of floating buildings.

The preview trailer was impressive enough, but I got more from Irrational Games, the makers of BioShock Infinite which is sure to make you demand Infinite’s immediate release. It’s nearly ten minutes of game-play video, our first real dive into the story and mechanics of Infinite and, like it’s predecessors, it’s breathtakingly immersive.

Note: The gameplay video, just like the game itself, is not for kids.

BioShock Infinite still does not have a release date, but as soon as it does, rest assured I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Steampunk and Bioshock

A few years ago, it seems like every gamer was playing Bioshock and with good reason. The game was positively amazing. The graphics, the setting, the story… it was all so creepily captivating that we couldn’t help but be entranced by the underwater city of Rapture.

The trailer for the newest version of Bioshock Infinite is now out. In Infinite, we are pulled out from the waters of Rapture and into the skies themselves to our new setting, the flying city of Columbia. Would you kindly take a look at the trailer below?

Bioshock and Steampunk? I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle all of the awesomeness that is likely to come from this game. Unfortunately, though, Bioshock Infinite is not set to be released until 2012. And yet, for being so far from the release date, there is a respectable amount of information available about the game’s story, inspiration, and development available on Wikipedia (so take it with a grain of salt, please.)

Supported platforms will include Windows, the PS3, and the Xbox 360.