Steampunk Timepieces

The focus on individuals creating their own art or purchasing it from individual artists and artisans is an amazingly personal element of Steampunk. Steampunk done well is ultimately about personal expression and creativity, rather than some scenester look handed down from the corporations.

Add that drive for personal creativity to a movement that loves repurposing and reusing odds and ends into something new and beautiful, and you’ve the foundation for a movement that has a strong green inclinations and a love of recycling.

Back in February, I featured an article by 1800recycling that showed off some of the very best in Steampunk keyboard modifications. This month, they’ve explored Steampunk Timepieces in another fantastic blog post featuring some wonderfully steamy modifications.

Pocket watch by Don Pezzano

I particularly like this pocket watch by Don Pezzano. The battered look of the piece gives it a distinctive character. This is a watch that feels as though it’s been through hell and back. Oh, to imagine the stories it would tell if it could speak.

You find the above watch along and other pieces at 1800recycling’s blog post, Ten Astonishing Steampunk Timepieces.


Steampunk Wristwatch

Pocket watches tend to be the typical time keeping fare for Steampunks, but a new wristwatch recently surfaced that’s rather unique and perfectly fitting for the Steampunk looking for something a little different.

This watch uses an LED wristwatch board to display the time. The watch is constructed from a small piece of oak and pieces of brass sheet and tubing. The maker, Eric, used hand tools, a Dremel tool and a cordless drill to shape and form each of the pieces of the watch’s face plate, backing, and wrist band.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find schematics for all of you interested in creating your own wristwatch like this one, but I hope that the pictures combined with the previous post of the LED board itself will inspire some ideas!