Steampunk Telescopes

Attention all Steampunk makers! I’ve recently stumbled upon an excellent resource for anyone interested in working with one of Steampunk’s primary mediums, wood. This website’s name is so painfully clever, I’m afriad you are going to think I’m making this up. But I’m not. This is for real. The website is called…

Lumber Jocks

Yep, Lumber Jocks. Apparently someone never got over that Monty Python sketch and feels they need to reinforce the manliness of woodworking.

At Lumber Jocks, you’ll find loads of resources from blogs and product reviews to videos and tutorials. One blog that caught my attention is a rather detailed series on the construction of a Steampunk telescope by Telescope Maker. You can see the first two posts on his project here and follow the process as he makes his creation.

There’s not an extensive resource at LumberJocks that is explicitly for Steampunks, though this could certainly change. And for as much woodworking as the Steampunk community does, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be exchanging more ideas and tips on woodworking on a venue like this.

PS- Women are welcome at